How I brought the natural cuckoldress out in a mother of two so expertly, naturally – and WELL!

It was always there, of course. Sophia Ma’am who showed up in my dream last night – hairy lower legs too!! – and big boobs which Madam

has always wanted so her lovers can enjoy them (not me, hehe) – showed up too in a blue dress, I believed, which I tore off despite her

not “letting me” in the dream, and that voluptusness, those legs.. MY!


Thats all I did, of course


Thats all cucks do!


What a letdown, hehe for the woman – after all the buildup – LIMPIE!


Except when she cucks you, cuck!


And thats why she needs, enjoys and SHOULD have other men too – it’s her natural right as a woman, not just Madam Sophia Memsahib… JI!


Right down to the big ugly feet, cracked heels she never takes care of, right down to the unshaven legs (sometimes) (naturally she

doesnt have that much hair tho) .. right down to all of it, me at her soles, pressing them.


“I’m talking to my man! Shut up and keep rubbing’


Done right, my. WHAT A TURN ON IT IS!


ANd she does it so naturally, so right.


A mother of two, looking at her outwardly, this cougar is interested in school, kids homework, games, all the things you’d normally

expect a mom of two to be – like so many others I’ve known.


“ma’am, shouldnt I be taking care of your kids?”


And it comes out again!


Like it did with that ONE message the first day I met Madam online which I’ve written about so much, those glasses, that LOOK in the eye,

that attitude – Sophia is truly a bitch incarnate, I mean this in a good way, I wish all women were like that!


Actually, they all are.


Like Sophia rightly says, you have to LET THEM BE! (that way).


“Because you let me!”


ACCEPT your place, cuckie! And that true acceptance can only come once youre comfortable w/your desires at the DEEPEST LEVELS IMAGINABLE,

and THAT is when you can start bringing the real thing into your relationship – because if you as a cuck are utterly comfortable with it,

it will permeate through to her subconscious, which is what COUNTS – and when the magic STARTS to happen!


Women are naturally superior to men, and a mans place is rightly alwys under a woman’ foot, boy.


And thats how it is.


For more on how I do what I did cuckolding wise – and continue to – and for more on how YOU can get the same results – the REAL deal, not

just “read about it” and wank off – into your OWN life – well, implement what is taught in Cuck Central NOW.


And thats that.



Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Sophia Ma’am. I’d wash your soles and drink the dirty water ANYDAY!

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