The most perfect ruined orgasm I had last night!



I had this dream of my wife – we fought, and I started to lick her ass – and I could literally feel the GUNK hanging off it!




It was too much, amidst the dream, I had a giant hard on, and was about to cum bucket loads.


Then I woke up.


No way!! I frantically thought. I cannot cum!


But the urge was too great, after deciding to stop for a nano second, I pulled my penis, waiting for it to erupt.


It never did.


It didn’t even dribble – but a little LEAKED, and even that? Mostly pre cum! Maybe a spot of cum, but that’s… IT.




Or was that MAN!


I still remember hours later how my dick was HARD,the balls contracting with that ULTIMATE pleasure – and yet? DENIED!!!!!!


Woke up, spoke to women, and I’m even hornier than ever. Without meaning to, I might just have forgotten how to cum!


I haven’t, of course. The urge is even stronger now, but I won’t.


Oh my. Listening to the ladies that translate for me, each accent, each woman so wonderfully sexy, life running on auto pilot, people writing in to me saying great things will happen for me – and they do!


Lifes great, pal.


And the#1 or close to it skull EVERY real male should learn is how to self administer a ruined orgasm if a woman isn’t around to do it – with her it’ll be even harder, pun intended!! Hehe.


If there is ONE course I’d recommend YOU to pick up NOW?


It’s the course on ruined orgasms –


Get it NOW.


Truly, now or NEVER!!!



Mike Watson


Ps – We just got a “template audition” for Sin City Diaries ; one of the courses that we are accepting auditions for. Nothing irritates me more than someone copying and pasting, that’s an utter lack of disregard for one’s work. At least send in a proper audition, show you actually read the topic as opposed to spam. Was someone from India – unfortunately despite their great ladies, they have a lot of spam coming from there too!


But, his copy and paste piece was something praising an Indian God.


And given the topic, well. So apt!


Anyway, You can get Sin City Diaries here –


And that’s that!

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