Merry (fem/fin, hehe) (or, cuck, sissy, hehe) Christmas to ALL OF YOU!

I know it’s become politically incorrect to say that.

But I dont care.

If you can say “Happy Eid”, or whatever religion it is – I see no reason why not Merry Christmas???

And, I see no reason to “cancel the holidays”as a certain lady on social media posted.

This same person was complaining about job losses, the bozo HR recuiters who send you long copy and paste emails designed to “lure in the bait, but end of the day its all about how much $$ you want from the company and so forth.


I get it.

Been an even tougher year this one for many folks (remember what I said about 2020 end i.e. everyone jumping about 2021 will be BETTER!!!!!!!!!! And subconsciously they never felt it, hence ….!).

It’s a five year plan, China does thing in 5 years, I’ve gone hoarse saying it, believe it now or not, it will be proven in the future by events to come.

Events to come … Haha. There is a drastic one about to come into my life around 25 days later, I’m not sure what that event will be, but it will be very joyous!

More on that later. Spirit told me, for those that may ask “how I know”.

There is a reason I’m not just called the “Real Mc Coy of femdom”, but also a “seer” in  many circles. YES, what I teach you in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese manland” (mainland, hehe) works not just for Chinese ladies, but all ladies, and it doesn’t just work in terms of femdom, you can use those techniques to literally attract ANYTHING you want into your life, on auto pilot almost!


Merry Christmas again!

And in the yuletide spirit, which I never quite understood the origins of, hehe – ALL rewards on the site i.e. offers, discounts etc, have been extended until the stroke of midnight on Dec 25, 2021.

Thats right, ALL offers have been reactivated, extended.

HERE is where you can view them – 

So hurry – get your shopping done – NOW!

Truly, our books make GREAT GIFTS – and they’re available in hardcover and paperback as well – just ASK ME, and you shall GET – as my customers know.

And if you order off Amazon etc, thats great – but remember, external sites dont allow me to apply discounts etc, but if you order from here, you’ll get the discount, and then some!

So theres that.

Enjoy, and merry Xmas again!??


Mike Watson

PS – Special offer for those wanting in on the Watson faithful, but it shall remain a secret to the vast majority here – email me, and I’ll let you know – and IN!

(pun not intended. Hehe)


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