Let the sexual tension persist!

And that in a nutshell is what it’s ABOUT!

Remember one thing, my friend – its one thing to be sexually attracted to her after seeing her, its quite another to be – without!

Did you read what I Said about the FLEETING GLANCE, the one look, that ONE vibe, often less than a second ,that ONE sole shot, that magc number ONE – in the last email – if not, you better!

And if you’re not on board with any of that you’re simply neither a true dominant nor a true submissive – its just that simple!

I remember a certain Bozo Schofield, ya’ll on the list KNOW him – the troll – commenting on the sexual tension between me and “K” – we’ll call her K – she was a friend’s girlfriend, and my own thoughts on this – I never thought of her that way until Bozo mentioned it, after he did?


Because she’s a buddy’s girl, and I’d never think of a friend’s girlfriend that way, but idiot though Schofield is (I still remember my buddy talking about his strange behavior stealing her panties and stuff, ugh, this guy, LOSER!) and though he wanted her (what an ass – he is!) .. he was right about one thing.

There WAS sexual tension and still is till this date between me and her, but Ive never once thought about it, but its there in EVERY situation, my friend – between a highly sexed male and women – who get turned on by this anyway (if you’re highly sexed and vibrating SEX – OOZING IT FROM EVERY PORE OF YOUR BODY – she will FEEL IT!).



As a male, if you have not experienced the sheer, joy and thrills of NEVER cumming, PERENNIALLY BEING ON EDGE – and the delightful TENSION associated with it that just builds, never STOPS – – –  then you do NOT know why you’d NEVER want a male orgasm again. Its not about being sissy either necessarily, or sub – or dominant!

Its about this – when you have a male orgasm, it’s bliss x 1000 once, then … a long time, nothing. Or, some time at least.

Female orgasms – SISSYGASMS that I keep writing about?

They keep happening!

And combined with a state of perennial chastity, your P SPOT will be SO SWOLLEN WITH LUST you’ll feel it while sitting down too, my,the GENTLEST TOUCHES WILL SET IT VIBRATING WITH UTTER PLEASURE!

When you see her, hear her, talk to her – the sexual tension will NEVER END!

Holds true for DICK as well – when you see dick as a sissy, remember that FEELING YOU GET – out of control, sissy? aOH MY!

And THAT feeling, maintaining it for long periods of time, for years, even is the key to accomplishment in any sphere my friend – not just attracting femdom.

Dont believe me ?

Well, then you ain’t tried it!

If you ain’t chaste as a male, and if you aren’t enjoying sex with AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU SO CHOOSE AS A DOMINANT FEMALE – well, you’re not on board with any of this, because you ain’t tried.

And that, my friends, is the bottom line.

As a male, the one course you must have to keep vibrating with sheer and utter lust forever, attracting ALL you want in every sphere of life to you on auto pilot is SISSYGASM CENTRAL!

Get this NOW.



Mike Watson – heART THUDDING!

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