No bored harassment . . . BOY!

So I administer a number of WeChat groups, not including the (in) famous (for a certain time, until I left the group at which point it had turned into a porn group pretty much) “Guangdong BDSM group” in real life (non fetish related), and . . .

But before I say that, a word.

Lots of people have been asking me to restart the BDSM group and administer it again.

The best admin ever, as one person recently told me in one of my VERY NON-FETISH related employment groups.

And he’s right. I administer the groups with an iron fist, because once you give an inch in terms of breaking rules, it is a slippery slope down which people take miles, and  then some (that too for granted).

And one of the posts in there recently caused me to gape, if just for the sheer brazen nature of it.

Madam Michelle (well, I’m calling her Madam! ?because she IS) posted an ad about apartment rentals in the group.

In what is clearly an employment group, and a clear “fuck you” to the group rules and the group admin.

As another poster said upon reading the last line of her ad (Which said “no bored harassment! Only if serious and u and ur friend interested in it!”  – – “What a self entitled spammer!”

And he was right . . . more than he knew! ?

I guess Madam meant lots of guys add her out of the blue to chat, and looking at her WeChat (I did this today after responding to her message ; she messaged me, not the other way around!) – – I can well understand why!

She’s petite and sexy, ostensibly from Taiwan and has selfies galore, each one sexier than the other.

Lovely legs, and from what I can see, absolutely GORGEOUS feet. My loins stirred as I caught a glimpse of Madam’s lovely toes, painted a shade of light pink, feet shod in light high heels, and being I removed her from the group and didn’t message her about it (I didn’t want to bother her, you know!) she messaged me and asked why.

And she was surprisingly polite but underneath the words, I could tell there was an uber dominant vibe, most of all when she ended the conversation with “I have nothing more to say now! Hope you’ll add me back!”

And then I looked at her wechat, and then I asked her.

“Madam, what do you mean by bored harassment”

“I’m guessing lots of bored guys add you out of the blue?”

And I don’t know if I’ll add her to that group or not, but she’s so self entitled that she’s got the right attitude for femdom, and then some! ?

Oh boy. Little does she know, that if she smacked me one, I’d probably . . . ah, but I best not go there!

I’ll keep you posted on this. IN the meantime, if YOU my friend want to join the best damn femdom community ever, HERE is where you can do it –

FREE access to all my books and courses for as long as your membership stays valid.

Jump aboard . . . NOW!


Mike Watson

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