And then she flicked my nipples…

And it was truly one of the most pleasurable memories ever!

There I was. Utterly exhausted, drained, traps sore – kinda like they are NOW – and she was massaging me, more then feet, it was my back, shoulders, my thighs – at the time fat and unfit where I needed massages.

These days, I feel my joints clicking and clacking back into place as my fitness friend’s routines do all the “self massage” required … and lubricate my joints etc.

Back in the day, those masseuses would DIG IN their fingers into my muscles, joints, and I’d literally SCREAM in pain as they worked out the kinks in the much ignored muscles and joints!

And right now, lying here on my bed I was thinking.

So exhausted was I that day, and this day indeed – that sex, or sexual things were far from my mind as she massaged me …

And then it happened, hour #2, those lovely cool hands massaging my then corpulent tummy slipped up instinctively.

They found the man boobs, and then they did what I’ve always said is in part instinctual for so many chinese ladies, like DOMINATION – it’s so natural for them!

And she flicked – for a mere nanosecond.

The way my BLOOD ROARED – it happened only years ago with the ex in the US – and she later told me “this girl really likes you”.

She did.

From that nipple flick on – I was hers.

My, the sheer pleasure and joy you get from nipple play done right -my friend -and no, it isn’t just about tweaks and tugs, there is an ART to it – there is NO equivalent to it – NONE!

Nipplegasm Central details more, and from a submissive Dominant standpoint, well, control his nipples – control HIM! (or her, hehe).

It’s an axiom that is time tested, true, and it just flat out works like the rest of what we do, and teach around here.

It’s also how the ladies in Sin City Diaries humiliated me and controlled me to such a great extent – I couldnt help but bring their lovely finger up to my “po po”‘s i.e. nipples in Chinese.

And once they flicked, I was THEIRS.

I always was, those lovely black eyes, that /look – they KNOW IT – they KNEW IT!

Paye Lagu, Madam. You’re so nice, my tiredness disappears thinking of YOU!


Mike Watson

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