Paye Lagu, Libby Ma’am! You’re truly so nice!

And I KNEW she was the right fit – inexperience and no tech knowledge whatsoever (or recording, for that matter) – when I first heard her voice – that ONE look to her – without even seeing her!

Like I just wrote about for Princess Joanie – like I write about all the time – its that ITALIAN THUNDERBOLT which Michael Corleone experiened that changed his life forever – that one look, in his case, AT that lovely Italian belle that so consumed him despite being a married man (and perfectly “in love” with his wife)!.

It happens!

It’s happened to me with Madam Carol – with Princess Joanie – with SO many other girls, ladies, older women, that ONE glance, that ONE fleeting vibe – it HITS home – straight through to the subconsciousness, all of which manifests INSTANTLY or as soon as it can into FEMDOM – real femdom the way everyone wants it, but precious FEW GET! – magnified by my chastity!

Self imposed at that.

If the above bit did not make perfect sense, you’re NOT the perfect or even true male submissive! Sorry to say it my friend, but it’s true, anyway – with Madam Libby, a LOT of hand holding was required in order for the book narration for “15 ways to give him the RUINED ORGASM OF HIS LIFE! … and have him salivating for MORE!” to even begin!

Trust me, you’ll know what I mean by she made me WEAK – that lilt to her voice despite her saying “it was all new to this sweet Southern Belle”- DID IT FOR ME!

Sure enough, as she wrote back today “I’m not that vanilla after all! I do some of these things already!”

Madam, thats why I chose you for the book. Paye LAgu. You’re so nice, you hit me and continue to like a thunderbolt!!! INDEED

Amidst all the pity of it all – she couldn’t do the book finally.

Being NOT into tech, she was almost in tears trying to get the book uploaded, and she vented – big time!

I so wish I could give her a rub down – Madam is a physical therapist. And at the end of it all ,she was SO kind in making an offer to tell me about physical therapy even tutor me – if I needed it – since she “knows that”.

She has an iphone too. True Goddess!

Anyway – she sent me some of her work, and my – listening to her, I’d kiss her feet just for sending it, what a pity she couldn’t complete the book!

Maybe she will yet, who knows!

But I’d literally kiss the girl’s feet for doing what she has.

Deep down inside, Princess knows it. You know that what she is when I Call her that through official channels! 😉

And thats that.

My friend, this book is one you MUST get – it will leave you DIZZY with lust like most of my other – or ALL my other books do if you read and IMPLEMENT.

Get it – NOW!


Mike Watson

P.S. – She’s also submitted a great REVIEW for the book which be forthcoming on here in the next couple of days – for now, reviews on the site, book page etc. Stay TUNED to this space for MORE!


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