Soles, ass crack, and more … !

It’s cuckold, sissy, and footboy paradise!

Madam on her stomach, those SOLES visible  – either dangling up in the air, or those long (or not) legs on the bed, the soles moving, in view!

Talk to my soles, boy! Not me … 

YES, Perfect Madam Susan!! You taught me so well!

Anyway . . . thats one of the most erotic things ever to see as a submissive, but combined with the ass crack, even if the ass is not in shape, or flabby, and a woman that truly enjoys humiliating you like Princess Joanie did? 

Truly is HEAVEN!

That ass crack, just INVITING, just waiting for you to beg to worship it!

And of course, his ass crack and asshole as he pleasures her!

The most blase and debase of activities are what people want.

And what people enjoy!

Yet, won’t admit it.

A certain Bozo that bought the Pooja Memsahib JI! series – wacked off to it once – and then instantly refunded with NO reason given … and people like that.

it’s people like that that piss me off.

Not only are you disrespecting ME and my work by doing this – you’re disrespecting the ladies the book was written for.

I’m aware those doing it “dont care” since they think they’re online and won’t be called out.

But, guess what.

This Bozo was from the Indian subcontinent of all things!

And maybe he doesnt want his name published here.

but if he does it once again – it WILL be.

I’m getting sick of these people “gaming” the system.

Think about it.

He buys two books – barely has time to read ANY of them – and then just wacks off to the cover, and then refunds!


I’ve long said I dont know why Amazon allows people that never bought the book to leave reviews (while genuine readers – sometimes it’s a battle to get THEM to leave reviews – much like “Balaam’s ass” , hehe – though not with the fetish of course!) … and why they allow this e-book refund “instant refund” policy which doesnt apply to any of their other items.

I bring it up all the time, but not one single person has gotten back to me with “why”.

Least of all Amazon . . .

The first, maybe it increases sales to a degree sometimes.

But the second is just disrespecting authors and the hours of work they put into to WRITE – something which most people cannot do.

Go to Twitter, look at the number of people posting dick pics, videos etc.

Yet, how many of these peopl e have written anythign beyond a tweet?

A book?

A website?

I’ll bet not too many at all!

It’s one thing to think it, its another to write it in a way that can be understood, and buckle down with the gumption required to DO SO!

Amazon – if you’re reading – take note. No-one is ever too big!

Anyway … some good news!

We’ve added a “wallet” to the site – which means basically that if you go to “your account” (only for people that have bought from me, obviously) – you can add funds there.

And, you can use those funds for instant future purchases as opposed to wacking around with Paypal, bitcoin etc…

Seems to be the most convenient.

And, there’s an auto 5% discount if you buy using funds from wallet, as thats a way we’re saying thank you to YOU for using us! (purchasing from us).

The only glitch is, although you can add funds now, it’s not showing as an option on the checkout page, but I hope to have that fixed soon.

For now, if you’ve added funds, your balance will show too under my account.

And, if you’ve done that, and are unable to use your funds to buy?

Shoot me an email. Let me know – and I’ll take care of it!

Andthats that for now. BAck soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Pooja Memsahib JI! series now – truly the most blase and debase ever, lots of ASSES involved too!

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