What Benjamin Franklin KNEW about older women – and what I so agree with, and have been saying all along.

I might well have been ole Ben in another life, right down to the long hair. Hehe.

And the physicality – and spirituality!

Benjamin Franklin, the man on the $100 bills is thought of more as a philosopher, writer and “ladies” man.


And yet, you would never think this man was a physical specimen for the ages, as many writers and philosophers of yore are.

Like the man says on the fitness site, ah, the lovely Miss  V and the salon! (in actuality it was “Miss X”, hehe, I changed names to protect the dominant “guilty”, hehe) (but I didnt change my own name!) … it is impossible to reach a high level of spirituality without being physically and mentally charged at the highest levels as well.

One goes with the other.

Anyway, what does this have to do with femdom and foot worship, you might ask.

well, good question.

I have ALWAYS emphasized the fact, both in person and otherwise, that it ain’t her age, looks or even body that matters.

It’s the MIND!

That LOOK in the eye!

And I’ve made no bones of the fact that I’ve had some of the most satisfying experiences of my life with older women considered over the hill.

“Yeah, you only like women with flabby tummies and three kids”, I can hear a friend (former) saying in a sarcastic manner. 

(Well, he didnt say the flabby stomach part because … hehe. But he meant it!)

If only this guy  knew that sending dick pics in porn rooms (not meant to be porn rooms!) – and hanging out with wacko low life types isn’t exactly the best way to get your girlfriend to piss on you.

But hey, who am I to speak eh.

But older ladies are the BEST, my friend, in many ways – right from Princess Yvonee – to Madam Jojo – to Sophia Bai – and so forth!

Not to say younger ladies don’t have it – Madam Carrie, for one!

But you know what I mean, hehe.

And last, but not least, here is what ole Ben had to say on this.

Why ruin a young girl’s life when you can make an older woman SO VERY HAPPY!

This man was a philosopher for the ages.


Think about it, my friend. Think about it!


Mike Watson

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