Nandini Madam … Paye lagu madam … JI!

One look at her still makes me so weak!

You guys remember her, right? The girl that was supposed to get me a credit card, taught me, or so she thought, hehe – how to say Malkin in Hindi … That too, on the first day we spoke!

Fat. Imperfectly perfect, so Dominating both her and her mother! Do a search on the site, you’ll find times dedicated to this supreme Queen and oh so perfect Indian goddess!

I haven’t spoken to her since May when I last bought her that red dress. I’d no idea she still has it. Tonight as I contacted her after a very long time – my! She was wearing a black dress with heels, side shot, made me so weak!

After i gibbered at her, the picture changed – to that same red dress, and those same bare indian feet she is SO loathe to show. !!!

And though I had not spoken to her in months i dropped ALL I was doing and called her. Of course she didn’t answer my goddess!

I can sense a leak coming up. What a QUEEN!!

Then i sent her a long gibbering weak note.

About her feet, how i just wanted to – well, do what a lot of y’all want to do when you see MY lovely feet and soles!

That is, drop down – and Worship!!!

And more…

And pat, the picture changed back to no picture this time.

Madam is truly smart. Hehe.

Us findom types can be that way … 😉


Buy some products, support us, and you’ll never sleep the same at night again. Hehe.

And you’ll be the happiest for it!

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And here’s a bonus –

If that doesn’t make you drool, I don’t know what will. Oh , this –



Mike Watson

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