Mistress Abby, you are so, so perfect!

I hope she doesnt mind me writing this about her!

But she embodies EVERYTHING I love SO much about REAL and true female domination (which of course, includes findom – it wouldn’t be complete without that, never is!).

Words are great, but the money is what counts – BOY!

From Madam Pearl in Submissive Musings to many, many others – actually, all my life, hehe – that has been drummed into me so well, maybe thats why I love and enjoy it so much!

Yesterday, I saw her “by chance”.

Long feet, LOVELY long soles “superimposed” on her profile picture – one of them – and it hooked me from the word – GO!

I Dont normally mention names here – well, sometimes I do, if the lady really hooks me!

And as with all the ladies that really do, Madam is NATURAL.

She is normal – even a little “fat”, some might say – but I love it!

Natural, normal, dominating, domineering – naturally so – and so bratty, and you know teh best part?

She flaunts it, and she is so ENTITLED!


Women like that are just precious treasures.

Those long soles aren’t always pedicured – I could see specks of dust on the middle toe of the right foot for one.

The soles are sometimes grimy- so sad to see that!

And madam’s toes are not always painted, though I did see a delectable picture of pink toenails!

But these feet and her LOOK, something, it’s been on the mind for HOURS – all night long last night, I coul dbarely sleep!

Somehow, I know I will fall under her spell someday.

Lets see how long I can resist. Hehe.

But really, she is so perfect, and just looking at her soles reminds me of all I talk about …

Feet and cock, boy, feet and COCK!

Pleasuring HER.


Sucking her grimy toes for hours (if she prefers) … or whatever else Madam wants.

Massaging her head and shoulders with oil for hours. After all, counting slave boy money is hard work, I’m so sorry, Ma’am!!

Best part is her lazing around, and being a dominating brat as she is naturally, and kicking, ordering, … in short, dishing out abuse like only Madam Abby can!

I know another lady named Abby.

Much younger, maybe “prettier” – working at a nail salon.

But this older lady has really GOT ME though.

She is such a Queen and goddess.

Ma’am, if you ever read this, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning you!

If you do, let me know – I’ll replace the name.

but really, a Queen like you, I should shout it from the rooftops.

And if anyone – SERIOUS ONLY! – wants her “info”, let me know, I’ll pass it on – no, I dont “get” anything for it, but just watching her make money makes me cum in my pants, with those sole shots of hers!

Always underfoot, Madam …

And humilited!


Mike Watson

PS – Princess Joanie was another one that really, really got me!

And so, Cuck Central, Humiliation Central and the above book, all dedicated to HER …

PS #2 – She is so perfect, I’d literally kiss the toilet bowl for HOURS! Thank you so much, Maam!!

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