The genius of a true poet – or writer – or craftsman – that is truly the MASTER – or Mistress – or both – of their craft!

Ive been called a “Master of my craft” plenty of times! And rightfully so as well.

And this isn’t so much about Tom Tomming, as it is stating a fact – and this too –

The crude version of romantic reality is very harsh for the romantic poet, since it comes into conflict with his feelings and desires, so it is normal to see the author’s rebellion against the rules established by society (exampe – Love is a “lie of poets”, a dream of “madmen” – an idol of vain; look at what a Black God we adore!)

Well, I wasn’t going to type that out – but right down to Jerome and Black Gods – and love being idealistic – true love – as my love for Madam Carol and hers too was (more explained in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” as well as here) … SO TRUE PAULA!

Carol deserves more than one “ode” – Im surprised, as I told Paula about Susan this morning –  I’ve not penned more to her!

This whole site is probably dedicated to her. Haha. Anyway …

So you can buy her beautiful things, BOY!


How I fell in love with the LOVELY Carol …

And this –

Bombastic and symbolic language – in love poems it is common to see emotional aspects highlighted above the rational ones. The stanzas of love poems are full of words and expressions full of meaning so that the reader feels closer to the sadness or despair or PASSION (not necessarily in that order) that the author feels. It is also common to use exclamations, questions etc.

SO TRUE. So true. It wouldn’t be poetry – which is love in its purest and most idealistic form – like Carol and my love was!

“Its a beautiful relationship” I still remember her saying, waving at the trees around us. “I wish it could persist!”

But, reality bites often – more on that later… but it truly – those few months – MAGIC!

Essential ingredients – love poetry is full of concepts such as the Self , passion , lonelieness, melachonly and the EXALTATION of beauty (as it should be, Paula!) In your poem, all these elements do not need to appear, but at least two do.

SO true again – she’s summed up all my books and courses perfectly. Now, I dont know if Paula wrote this herself or got it from somewhere, but it rings so damn true!

And so does fetish at it’s purest when it comes from DEEP DOWN INSIDE!

Anyway, we spoke about Jerome’s cock and boogers hanging off it, me tasting those tasty treats this morning!

And, we speak of feet all the time, so here, without further ado (there’s been a lot already, deservedly so, hehe) is Paula’s lovely review for “15 odes to perfect Madam Susan” –

I still remember the first day I spoke to Madam, just how SUBMISSIVE I felt as soon as I spoke to her!

And the book – years later – encapsulates those feelings which persist – until TODAY.

Past that …

Well, first off, a quote from a Goddess on Twitter

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you LOVE” . 

So true, Madam ji – right down to WORSHIP – and FETISH!

All my businesses are based on that – pure LOVE. It comes from within. A PASSION – A BURNING PASSION, DESIRE! RED HOT DESIRE!


Second, you guys remember Paula’s lover in the last email saying his balls hurt when doing it in missionary position, right?

Well, I’d kiss them and make them better! Hehe. I so wanted to see his dick and balls, but I didnt ask, instead.. well, here is what I sent Paula, her original email included!

Hi Paula,

Thanks for the thoughts on “15 odes to perfect Madam Susan” – I wonder if I should have made it 25! Haha. But you’re so right when you describe the “struggle” between the poet’s “often idealistic” version of how he potrays reality, and how it often is – and therein lies the beauty and genius of a true poet, writer, or “artistic person” of any nature, to look past all that and make the reader feel what it SHOULD be like- – emotions in their purest form if I might say so!

Now, the pain in his balls – are you sure he doesnt have any other issue such as “inflamed testicles” or anything else? Unless his balls are perennially full without release, which doesnt seem to be the case, or unless he is “really big” (big balls) (and even then, it wouldn’t really apply without other conditions) – this shouldn’t be happening. Is it only this position his balls hurt in, or others too?

Is it only while having “Coital” sex or also oral etc? Just asking, so I can do my “therapy” better in that regard, haha ….

Yes, painful sex – I know all about it (I have phimosis myself) – but for you, Countess – balls slapping against YOU – YES – I truly understand how that can be so pleasurable for you – it is for most women!


Let me know more details on your friend, and we can go from there (if you want).


Mike Watson
On 1/3/2023 3:47 AM, Paula Banda wrote:
> I envoy you the new one.
> With respect your pain in your testicles, I think that my friend can’t control himself
> when he uses the pose #2 and it happens. I must tell you that I have not pain in my
> vagina, for me all my body has pain still the bones, but forever. In other hand I must
> tell you that this pain changes to pleasure in my whole body. It is sympathetic! Don’t
> you think?
> Auf Wiedersehen
> Paula


Mike Watson


Well, well – that was some example of FREE kink therapy. Hehe. I wont get into further details, but we’ll treat his balls – and we’ll treat YOURS too so get in touch if you have any questions! Hehe.

Last, but not least, we will very soon be offering PHYSICAL products like dildos, strap on harnesses, vibrators, butt plugs etc here.

IF that sounds of interest, and I KNOW – I KNOW! – it does – shoot me an email, I’ll send you special pre-order prices etc for everything.

And remember, it all compliments each other perfectly, so get the above books and courses while you’re at it as well.

And write back with reviews!

OK, thats enough for this one – back soon.


Mike Watson

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