Feet – that make you WEAK!

Dear Reader,

So there I was in a park yesterday afternoon – enjoying the afternoon sun in the winter, hehe.

I didn’t really have much to do there, of course. Had gotten my workout in at home earlier, and did some writing on Princess Joanie, but for some reason I felt the need to step out into the “great outdoors” so I did.

About 15 minutes or so into my brisk walk, I noticed a couple of Indian ladies, both pretty good looking.

Being it’s winter, they were all covered up, of course – none of the legs and flip flops that I so LOVE – and that Madam Priyanka, her of the Indian Goddess series used to such good effect to drive me insane … or near it!

(NB – That tale, as with most of my others is truer than you’d think! My writing has always been fantasy mixed in with a healthy dose of reality…)

There was nothing unusual in any way about them, but for some reason, I noticed the one to the left.

The long black hair, the way she (imperiously and casually) tossed it behind her shoulders – and the look in the eye, oh so fleeting, and not directed at me obviously, but it was there.

Oh, it was there, my friend – – and as I completed my jaunt around the park, I saw her and her friend sitting down, and taking selfies, but while some other guys were ogling their faces – what caught my attention was her feet – and her SOLES!

Primarily her soles, those lovely broad Indian soles, dangling, posing, as if just for me – – and since she was completely unawares that someone had noticed, it was all so natural.

I felt a surge of blood to my loins – – and literally felt weak.

The same way a “real” (hehe!) man might feel upon looking at a naked girl, but as the gorgeous Madam Carrie once laughingly noted (not sure if its in the book – perhaps it is!) –

Look at you, bitch! A real man would need me to take my clothes off before anything would happen. He would fondle me like a man – he would grab my breasts – my ass – but you – all you need, you little bitch is my dirty feet! 

My soles are what turn you on, footboy! Admit it! (all of this accompanied by a knowing sneer that of course made me even weaker in the knees!).

And so it should be my friend – – if you’re a true male submissive – or a cuck – or a sissy – or all of the above!

I would have gladly – I repeat gladly – dropped down right there in the middle of the park to kiss her soles and kneel in front of this Indian Goddess and massage them as she relaxed – – if she just said the word – – despite the onlookers looking on curiously at me as I looked at her feet (a few people noticed me looking at her feet) – – I didnt care. They were the center of my attention – they made me weak – and it has been that way with ALL the ladies I’ve been with!

Your place is at her feet – BENEATH her soles, footboy – – and dont you ever forget it!

Later that night I went back home – – took a shower – – and had a solo “P-spot” orgasm right there in the shower. I was trying to abstain from even that — but her soles deserved me getting “frustrated” – – and her soles deserve me staying horny – – and thats how it should be!

I’ve written about Indian Goddesses galore before, and here is where you can find some of my books dealing with this niche – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/

From Garima Madam to Madam Priyanka – – to the girl in the park — and the one before that — and the one before that – – and …. !!!


And that’s that for today, my friend. I’ll be back again tomorrow!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you realize your station in life – your TRUE calling in life – your PLACE as it were – is beneath her sole – and if that thought makes you weak (and if you’re at this site, it should!) – then you’re ready to take the plunge (pun intended, hehe) – and take things to the next level. And my manuals here will help you do just that – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/

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