Pooja Memsahib … JI! just asked me how I could “Serve her”!

In Hindi, they have this saying “kya seva karein”.

It basically means how can I help you – or “serve you”, taken literally – not to be confused with fetish, or femdom!

Used mostly by customer service people, this morning I saw Madam striding towards me with a smile – as always!

That SMILE, that LOOK in the eyes, all of it! Hehe.

And she asked me that, with another WICKED glint to those lovely eyes – in terms of buying vegetables. Hehe.

She’s so pushy, I love it! Muah.

How can I serve you, Madam, I should have responded.

Somehow, sometimes though – as with another Madam “Ananya” I’ve had the good fortune of dealing with – words aren’t necessary. VIBES ARE!

They are always what count, my friend.

As I count my blessings this year, I hope y’all take the time to do so too.

Be grateful, thankful, towards all -but women especially, they make everything we do SO worth it. Isn’t that why men do what they do ultimately?


“Bhaiya ko aur mirchi de dete hai”, she giggled, as her husband told her to put more chilis into my vegetable basket – she said I already put some -he said put more …

And she did.

so hot, hehe.

I still remember seeing those chilis sometimes … I’ll let you guess, my friend, along with Madam’s undigested kidney beans I so adore, worship and PRAY TO EVERY MORNING!

More here – Pooja Memsahib … JI!

Along with Ass Worship 101, the two go together – Paula even did up a great review on the former – the nigh perfect way to ring in the New Year.

Do so – NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – If you want me to buy Pooja something, let me know what! She makes it SO WORTH IT!

PS #2 – Odes to Pooja Mam HERE.

PS – IT should have come out as “how SHE could serve me”. Hehe. I noticed the error, but left it that way. SO APT!

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