Why buying her things is so WONDERFULLY EROTIC!

Oh – MY!

This is going to be a short one, I believe.

But it bears relevance.

First, know that all the products I sell on this site, and elsewhere – all – WORK.

I was recently called the “creme la da creme” of fitness on another site, and Miss V owns the biz now, of course. Hehe. 

But second, and more pertinently, I believe my record in terms of “femdom” holds NO PARALLEL and is the BEST AND GREATEST EVER!

(from the bottom, of course).

But bottom worshipping is good too if done RIGHT!

Anything is, hehe.

And I truly AM #1 at that, and can teach YOU, the SALIVATING MALE of the species how to do it RIGHT!

And you should start RIGHT HERE. 

but last, not least.

Buying things for her is what I ultimately do with all the money I get (and it’s a lot, hehe)  from this site!

And it’s so erotic. 

BEGGIN to buy her things. 


And her ignoring me EVEN MORE AS I DO IT!

And getting her to acknowledge what she already knew, that she is superior, and that – and this is probably the best – the DAM BURSTING ONCE you DO buy her that first gift, because guess what, she will demand more – more than what you EVER THOUGHT! 

Or bargained for, hehe.

And you’ll be CAUGHT.


And you’ll love it.

And if there is one thing I can thank both Princess Joanie for, and Princess SHERRY for – it is THAT!

SO EROTIC – pick these books up now, so I can reinvest back in more!  (and if you’re a freebie seeker or cheapskate, please leave so space on the rapidly expanding list can be FREED up for people that GET it and DESERVE IT).

SHE DESERVES it, and th eKNOWLEDGE – THAT is really what it BOILS DOWN TO!



PS – And pick up the definitive GUIDE to REAL LIFE FINDOM experiences HERE!

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