“In fact, I need massage on my head, because I have many headache recently!”

A while ago I did up a post on foot massages, and why foot massages (and feet in general) are a great, great precursor to experiencing true femdom … but with the addendum that “if done right”.

Way too many guys start off conversations with women in general about their fetishes without getting to know them on any level first.

That is akin to, for instance, a woman you like – – and want to date (if we’re talking vanilla) – – or be dominated by (femdom) – – simply asking you “what the size of your wallet is”, hehe, and not caring about anything else at all.

… Which of course, as I’ve stated in my books is PRECISELY what happens in mainland China, but then again, I’ve also said that mainland China is the perfect place to be in if you’re interested in TRUE FEMDOM – – and ladies USING you – -and being direct about it!

Anyway, I don’t know if I mentioned this one lady I met last year “Portia”.

I met her last year, and we had many interesting conversations – – both in person – – and online.

And one of them, of course was giving her massages.

This lady is a dancer (amongst other things) – – and she often posts pictures of herself pole dancing etc – – with her lovely legs – – and feet – – on full display.

Often times I’d wake up at 5 in the morning – or not be able to sleep until 2 or so, hehe, thinking about her feet, and I’d message or call her.

“Madam, shouldn’t I be pressing your legs now?”

And she’d giggle, of course, knowing the effect she had on me, but we haven’t chatted for a while now, and as she messaged me today “out of the blue” as it were, I asked her how things were – – and if she was safe (given the recent COVID-19 outbreak) and doing well etc.

“Madam, I just want to know if you’re safe. And doing well overall. After all, you know … I haven’t had the privilege of seeing you – or pressing your legs at night for a long time! “

… followed by a “giggle”, and then “OK, just kidding … “

(Which I was, actually – – my main purpose of asking her that was to see how she is doing since I haven’t spoken to her in a long, long time).

She giggled.

“If there is no-one press my leg, I can sleep better, I think!”

And she continued.

“What season is it now? Spring, I think. Everything grows including desire!”

And she’s right, of course … with one caveat.

“Madam, I think it was winter when I met you … “

“My desire for you was red hot back then, and doesn’t seem to have abated any, and as for growing, my you know what grew plenty during the winter … “

Here she hushed me, in typical, and IMPERIOUS “Madam Portia” style!

“Guangdong hardly had any winter when you met me!”

And she’s right. ‘Twas a very mild winter, but even if not, she’s always right anyway!!

And then …

“In fact, I need massage on my head. I have many headache recently!”

And of course you can guess my response.

“You’re just as good as you were at ordering a few months ago, Madam! Yes, I mean press your head, feet, whatever you want. Main point is YOU should relax … “

And while the conversation continued – – THAT is the key takeaway from today’ email and something I’ve mentioned GALORE in my writings, and especially (because it is MOST pertinent) – – in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – – amongst others!

It’s about her – and serving HER – the way she wants – – and that is true femdom, my friend. Anything else is usually just topping from the bottom and nothing else – – and nowhere NEAR as satisfying, again, if you’re a true femdom lover!

Madam Pearl made me massage her lower back and waist for hours (she preferred that to actually exercising, hehe).

Madam Su would make me press her legs – – not so much her feet. That was reserved for her lover … ah, but that’s a different topic!

And so forth. You may love her soles – and feet the most – and you SHOULD as a true connoisseur of  REAL female dominated relationships, but if she wants her head – or shoulders – or whatever – rubbed more – then that is what you – as a servile and submissive male sub – DO!

It’s always about her, boy!

And on that note,  it’s adios for today. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I’ve often said that Madam Su was the BEST – by far – cuckoldress I’ve ever met. And if that is something you as a dominant female – or submissive (truly!) male – are looking to incorporate into your relationship but haven’t been able to as yet (or are having issues) – – then you really need to grab Cuck Central and “bone up” (hehe) on the advice therein. Here is where you can do it – –https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/

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