Ho, ho, ho – and the TURKEY wont be the only thing getting stuffed either! Hehe…

Paula, you’re so right as always – muah.

But anyway, as we head into the holiday season, Mike Watson’s been BUSY AS A BEE as usual!

Not so much with housework this time, hehe – as business issues – LOTS of things going on, both with this business and a few others I manage. Tech issues, a lot of VIDEOS been taken for many things – speaking of which, if you guys would like videos on this site – for some of our stuff here – let me know, we’ll see what we can do!

Sort of a new thing, doing videos for fetish related “how to’s” – but there’s plenty of “porn” out there in that regard, but we dont do porn. Hehe. Interesting – and we’ll see – write back, let me know, guys, girls, or whatever you identify as which makes it all FUN! (and life worth living!)

And what I woke up to this morning, well, all night I’ve been dreaming of … tech issues apparently.

And when I woke up?

My, I just wanted two young girls I know to flick and play with my nipples, pinch them, giggle, experiment on me – and those lovely DUSKY hands with red nailpolish – MY!

And, I wanted them to laugh at me as I called my maid with DARK skin – and the loveliest hands ever, that one BANGLE! MY! – and as I almost came THINKING about that gorgeous older lady!

What a woman, all decked up in white yesterday, took all my will power not to grab her and kiss her right then, but then again, even if I did, I’d probably kiss her lips, feet, body  – service HER – but with my self imposed chastity lasting damn near years at this point, I doubt I’d do much else.

Then again – never say never, all good things must come to an end, or do they have to?

I dont know, I woke up to this great, great review for Femdom Tips – Volume Two from the Countess i.e. Paula –

And those red spots, that nailpolish, that lovely HAND with the red nailpolish – my!

Dont hands sometimes just drive us sissies into LUST as well, not just feet! Hehe.

(It’s age restricted, you’ll have to click through to her channel for more!)

And the rest of the video is great as well, including the part about how femdom has (and it should!) become a part of LIFESTYLE now – which is what this entire business is about.

Anyway, Paula sent me this too!

Clock striking damn near 5:06 – I knew it  – so prophetic, thank you, Countess! (prophetic for reasons I’ll reveal later)

Anyway – and this too –

Anyway – that inspired this post – and this –

Ho Paula – or, Ho, Ho, Ho Paula, hehe (would you believe it, ‘ho’ is an old English expression too (sort of like when you “notice” something – like an “exclamation”) – I was going to type “Hi”, but it came out as “Ho”, true Santa style??) –

Well, first off, Merry Christmas, Countess! Another great talk on Femdom Tips Volume Two – thanks – and I love the way you set it all up with that beautiful red color, sexy nailpolish and so forth – and that HAND!

HANDS – along with feet often arouse us submissive men to levels of lust hitherto unseen, hehe. And you know that, I know!

Thanks as well for the positions – I sure do need to try them SOMETIME – with my current (mostly self imposed, hehe) chaste spell – I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like, but staying chaste – it has so many other benefits, females included in there that I’m not sure I EVER want to go back – but all good things must end sometime? Hehehehehe….

Merry Christmas again, Countess – and here’s to a bountiful, prosperous New Year ahead – enjoy YOUR turkey too – in all regards! 😉



And for YOU guys reading this? Hehe. Well, a VERY MERRY – SEXY – CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO!

No better time than now to stuff turkey down her – or you – or him – or worship his – or her turkey! Hehe. 

And remember, it’s the time of GIVING – give first, and you shall recieve, my friend – more than you bargained for – plenty!

Anyway, as we head into the New Year, its always a good time to do a recap of where you are now lifewise, in every which way – femdom included!

HAVE you succeeded in attracting more femdom to you?

HAS your sex life become more interesting than it was last year?

I can tell you one thing, business wise, life wise, fitness wise, even sexually – looking back at last year – except the last, some of the other things were rocky – I never talk about those things here, thats life! – but I persisted, and I’ve come to a stage NOW where I did not think even in my wildest dreams I’d be HERE now!

I dont know who needs to hear this, but persistence cures – and solves – ALL my friend.

Anyway …………

Some of our sissy products would make for great reading this Christmas!

And, if you contact us directly with an order over $150 or so, we’ll even give you a big sloppy kiss and a sissy discount! Hehe. 

(I would put the discount code on the site as I did last year but it attracts too much spam, muah – so I believe it’s best we do it this way. In any case, I Reserve my best discounts for my customers, much like an Indian guy dressed up as a fat woman was simpering in a movie about her “best men!”).


You guys – girls – everyone – are the best!

Merry Christmas folks, and a very happy and prosperous New Year ahead and remember – we’re open for business throughout it!

Might as well get some sexy stuff HERE rather than fight the hordes outside? I know I would, hehe.


Mike Watson

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