Black men, and their thick, heavy phalluses … PENISES!

Muah it’s so NICE! Don’t a lot of black men just have the “thickest and heaviest” dongs?

I dont mean to generalize, the “black men have the biggest penises” is a myth – and fable – much like “all cucks are gay” or “men who suck dick are gay” – and so forth.

All a generalization, but those come for a reason too! ?

And some are true in many regards – like black men are the “gorillas, truly”, as a friend of mine once said fitness wise – much like they’re the “biggest” – well – those dicks tend to be the heaviest!

Those satiny smooth big dicks in my mouth, even flaccid – I can feel it right now – the HEAD of the penis, the corona making a slight indentation even flaccid against the middle of my tongue, so heavy it is, true club!

Muah, it’s so nice!

Last night, I invited – or called some workers over to my house, I believe!

I dont quite know why. I dont remember.

Three or four came, all kinda unruly.

One big burly black man with a muscular chest sprawled out on to my bed, naked, legs spread – sleeping – when I was PAYING him to be working!

I thought of waking up – then my eyes wandered down – without trying to or wanting to – to his groin!


I almost typed it as growing, much like my growing you know what thinking about this. Truly, my “penisstat” is going UP – even though the thermostat around here is going DOWN by the minute!

Anyway …..

Like with Garima Madam’s lover, his dick was resting on his balls, it wasn’t especially long, the head protruded though – the RIDGES of the head making such a nice shape against the balls, lovely and dense, there was some – a smattering of pubes I believe, at the base of his dick, nothing like with the jungle – that sexy TRIANGLE Master Wang’s pubes are … but still, it was there.

But the sheer weight of his implement stuck in mind, and I could feel the penis, the “lund” as they call it in India – in my mouth …

The phallus, the weapon, or the “ling” – all of it!


I woke up – it’s cold around here so I was snuggling in the blankets, half asleep, but dick was on my mind nonetheless. how could it not be – it always is!

Last night, I heard a joke about a real man “donating his plastic sex dolls” to the “donate boxes” in the Salvation Army or wherever, it was hilarious.

“Do these homeless people ask you why you put that there? Have you ever come across someone humping one of your dolls”, the interviewer asked, laughing roundly. IT was hilarious!

“I hope you at least cleaned the jizz up!”


For that guy, it was “his” form of public service apparently – hehe. From his point of view, he was donating “used items” – hey – takes all types!

But every sissy would probably sniff the doll’s crevices for a sniff of his PENIS – and the jizz – we’d probably clean it up ourselvers, or maybe not …!

The thoughts that go on in “so called real men’s heads” – both big and small.

Penis is something EVERY ONE likes, and wants. Hehe. You can cut it any which way you like, my friend – but men – so called straight men – watch the DICK more in porn than they do the woman, though they’ll never admit it.

Speaking of which there’s nothing wrong – or “gay”, even in admitting it.

Back to last night – one of the burlier guys, I believe white, was even pissing in the corner of my room!

I was getting pissed off!

Then I woke up again. Long dream that , but these are the relevant parts…

At that point I remembered something.

That sexy black guy whose video I once saw, Madam picked him up off the road, slim guy working at Walmart or something – and the longest dick ever!

“Honey, don’t slim guys have the longest dicks!” 

I can still remember my ex saying that in an introspective manner, hehe.

They do!

Anyway, he was horny as hell, and the way he came, JIZZED on the cuck’s face – that long penis dropping goblets of hot steamy semen all over his face – the load didnt come out in MASSIVE goblets as it does with some men, but small “shots” like shots from a pellet gun, but lots of them!

That slim stomach, the lower abs contracting with each blast. MUAH!

It was the AFTERMATH that was even sexier though, as he stood there, talking to Madam, naked – about using the cuck’s car to get to work, MAdam said “take his!”

It was not so much how they talked about the cuck as if he wasn’t even there, it was about …

Well, I was looking at the DICK, that long dick just sated, with a life of it’s own, the low hanging balls, how they moved with every movement as he spoke!

So free, unencumbered was that DONG – that “lora” as they call it in India!

I so wanted to kiss – again – up and down the SHAFT!

I can smell it – taste it, and truly, my friend – like every man – like every woman – every PENIS has a life of it’s own.

Every foot needs to be worshipped differently. I’ve reiterated that SO OFTEN it should be seared into your BRAINS by now.

If not, you’re not a real femdom lover.

TALK TO THE SOLES, get to know them! 

Truly – same thing for PENIS!

Talk to the penis, the balls, the asshole, get to know them – each is different!

And that brings me to my courses Penis Central and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – know whats different and special about these?

BOTH deal with worshipping real men and their phalluses, givin them pleasure like they DESERVE.

BOTH are life changing courses!

And they’ve changed plenty of lives thus far, and they will change YOURS too if you so PERMIT.

But Penis Central takes it a step further, and tells you the nitty gritties of worshipping and knowing – and how to suckle on and PLEASURE – different types of penises!

There’s so many!

Long and straight.

Head pointed up or down!

Shaft curved – slightly – or a lot! Upward banana, downward banana – all mentioned at the bottom of the sales page for Penis Central, but most people think “a one size fits all” works for dick.

It might work. To some extent.

But to truly take your dick sucking and penis worship skills to the next level, to truly SUBMIT at the next level, you’ll want to pick up both these courses now my friend.

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and you’ll be truly submitting in ALL Regards – men – and women – once you get these two courses and implement what is being taught.

Remember, boy.

Feet and cock.

Feet … and COCK!

FEET – and COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a natural femdom progression, so it should be – and is!

And thats that.

Back soon – but as I “depart”, these two are some of the best Xmas gifts you can buy for yourself my friend – or whoever.

Truly, the gift of utter lust, that never departs, that keeps giving – back – and more!


Mike Watson

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