Talk to her soles – not her, boy!

Dear Reader,

Edit – about three years later, maybe four – This is another one I’ve written about so often, and years, later as Madam asks me to “talk to her calves”, and I say “your socks” too – with that ASS AND ASSWHOLE – HOLE – hehe – so visible – I gotta update this. What lovely sweaty PANTS, Ma’am, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all. Those muscular calves kick SO WELL! ! xx

Madam Carrie – Volume #4” starts off with the best subtitle (or ONE of best, at any rate, hehe) I could think of – that being “talk to her feet – not her!”

While Madam Susan, her of the analytical, logical, devious and DOMINANT mindset said this multiple times as I was tending to her feet (accompanied by smacks to the back of the head galore – to drive the point in!) – I have often thought of this myself – and have acted accordingly.

To me, one of the best parts about what people call “sub space” is to completely LOSE all sense of time and “what is going on in the world outside”, as I kneel in front of her, serving her – usually staring right at her feet – and her SOLES!

I mentioned the story of the lovely Carol before, and how she’d often fall asleep, gently snoring as I “pressed her feet with scented lotion” sometimes – just five minutes or so after the massage.

At that point, it would be easy for me to go back to sleep myself.

Or, “satisfy myself” (rampant erection, you get the point, haha).

Or try and divert my attention elsewhere.

But I didn’t.

I focused on those lovely soles kneading each inch lovingly, and caringly, as a true servant might for her Master (gender difference? I know what I said, sissy! hehe) – – making sure that each area of that lovely sole was cared for, and as I did this, it seemed the soles started “speaking to me”.

When all you can see is her soles – and her voice booming out occasionally (the gorgeous Madam Susan) did this better than most –  then you truly understand that your place as a REAL sub is not just at her feet – it is UNDER THEM – literally worshipping the lowest part of her.

Along with getting to know her asshole well – – you get to know her SOLES well too, footboy!

And this lesson has been drummed into me so well, of course, that the first thing I normally do upon meeting a woman is not just look at her feet – but her soles as well!

As Madam Susan taught me in “Madam Carrie – Vol #4” – and she taught me WELL!

And for those that don’t believe me – you’re not truly a male submissive – or haven’t “ascended” (pun intended, hehe) to that “level” as yet.

When you die for a mere glimpse of her soles … when that LOOK in her eye – and her bare soles is ALL it takes to get your blood pumping – and the feeling of “you’d do anything for this Goddess” – including hand your entire bank account over – that is when you’ll really start to talk to her soles.

Sometimes, they’ll be tired from wearing high heels, and the “arch” will scream for attention.

Sometimes, the entire sole will demand a wash – due to having been “encased” in leather footwear all day.

Other times the ball of the foot will be slightly red – or off color – if she’s been jogging, or so forth.

And it’s only a TRUE male submissive that can notice these differences – and tend to his Mistress accordingly – as she deserves – and as he should!

On that note, that last Volume of Madam Carrie ended with a “sneak peek into the future” – and that sneak peek is something a LOT of you subs out there CRAVE – that being cuckolding and big BLACK dongs, hehe. Stay tuned for Volume #5 – it’s taking a while to hammer out due to all the other “engagements” I have (not the least of which being running around on Princess Tina’s whims and fancies, hehe) – but I’ll get to it – that is for sure!

Alright,  my friend. Thats it for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – – If you haven’t yet delved into the journey of becoming – and TRAINING yourself to become a TRUE male submissive, then believe me, there is no better time to start than NOW – and believe me, this journey is one that is WELL worth it. The journey of a thousand steps starts with ONE – take yours right here – –

P.S #2 – I spoke about an old classic “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” yesterday – and have updated the site with a REVIEW as well for the book. Check it out right here –

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