“Feminist until you get married”

The other night, I saw a funny meme that I posted on my “vanilla” (so they say!) wechat account.

FWIW, I’ve got multiple wechat accounts (for obvious reason) and what is NOT so obvious though is that most of my non vanilla interactions have started … guess where. On my VANILLA wechat, hehe.

That probably alone throws you for a loop, my dear reader, but it’s a valuable lesson indeed in terms of attracting TRUE femdom – and if you haven’t been able to do so as yet, then pick up my course on doing so right HERE.

Now, on to the meme I saw the other day (and yeah, makes me wonder what if I posted all my NON vanilla things on my vanilla Wechat – LOL. I wonder how many people would label me “plumb damn nuts” – and then secretly start to follow me. LOL again!).

Now, the meme … it was a meme making fun of communism, and in plain white text on a black background, here is what it said (Ill post it on the blog, but those of you on email might not get it, so I’m writing here)

Communist until you get rich

Feminist until you get married

Atheist until the airplane starts falling

Sage indeed, and TRUE … especially for the first part, hehe. My anti Commie views are well know, and though Princess Jojo vehemently disagrees, she knows ‘em too (and there is another very valuable tip indeed in terms of not just attracting, but KEEPING true femdom – – see if you can spot it!)

(and no, that tip has got nothing to do with political affiliations whatsoever)

The last … Well, I sort of agree in a way, but not totally, but lets talk about the one in the middle.

From a vanilla standpoint, what the “Hypocrite Diaries” (from where this was sourced apparently) said is TRUE, I believe, if you really think about it.

Yes, and no actually.

But once you get married, “what is considered to be” normal stereotypes start to take over, whether you realize it or not my friend.

You know what those are.

Women are meant to take care of the man, and man is meant to provide!

Now, biologically yes that is the way things ARE (whether we like it or acknowledge it is a different issue), but I’ve often made NO bones about the fact that in today’s world, a combo of both works well (and is indeed what works).

And as far as femdom is concerned, I’d rather she take the female role, male role, and BOTH!

Yes, her job might be to take care of me.

But what is taking care of me means humiliating me …dominating me … and being a Goddess in general, and doing it so well (and cucking me while I’m at it, and more!) that I’d NEVER ever look for another partner – – while she could, of course? ?

Think about it that way, my friend!

And to those that say that at the end of the day the “man is on the hook for money” regardless, yes, you’re right to an extent, and do I support that?

Yes and no again. Depends on the exact case . . . But when it comes to femdom, do I support it?

Heck yes!

It makes it even sexier from a certain perspective, hehe.

And since we’re talking femdom and fetish is what this site is essentially about (mixed in with reality of course), let me tell you THIS.

Some of the VERY BEST femdom experiences for me have come with women that are “cast aside” as “leftover women” both by Chinese society and society in general.

Those that are supposedly older women (and to me, even more gorgeous than the younger ones in many ways – Goddess Jenny who I wrote about in a post prior to this being one prime example).

And MARRIED women, that are STILL married at the time of .. well, you get my drift!

They’re having their cake, and eating it too, which is what true femdom is about, so in terms of femdom, I’d say a woman can be even more openly and FREELY feminist after marriage, hehe.

Take that for what you will – and on that note – if you’re truly interested in femdom – here are some stories that will make you want to drop down and “give her 10” (massages! Hehe) as soon as you get your grubbly little paws on them, footboy – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/


Mike Watson

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