Pay him or her – or them- PER SPURT, boy!

Every delightful spurt – or squirt – pay them for it per occurence – MY!

There’s so many different ways to work findom and humiliation into your role play, my friend – this is just one!

He came – big loads, or small loads?

Sir, thank you so much for cumming MORE!

Send x 2!

Ma’am, thank you so much for that big BOOGER you threw in my mouth!

Send + Send + Send, three buzzes!

Sir, thank you SO much for that big TURD – send more!

A particularly pleasurable and long orgasm, lots of BLASTS of hot cum – send more!

There’s so many different ways to do it. And every send means you send “for a service” – when that is literally something that is good for them, but not YOU – and something like an ablution or orgasm – for THEM – and you PAY them for it – MAN! What a rush!

This is just ONE way to work sending in a fun way into your routine, my friend, to ensure it never gets old and neither party feels used.

Of course, it isn’t a rule unto itself – its just one way to do it. Theres bazillions of other ways, but thats a role play scenario yours truly often engages in, so I figured I’d tell you!

The part about neither party feeling used, that is – and should be – and is in the book as well – a very hard and fast rule.

It never works long term otherwise, or at all – no fantasy or fetish does if it’s not the above.

Fact, my friend.

BOTH parties are key..

And so is communication, and a proper understanding of findom rules which all too often in the excitement of sending and “entitlement” of receiving – are never discussed.

Big mistake, hence 99.99% of findom relationships never last.

The 1%  or less that do are REAL. I mean, sustainable, and they spice up one’s sex life like NEVER before especially when other “tools” are used.

Rules are key, friend – no pun intended.

And my latest courses teaches you the 15 CARDINAL rules that simply must be followed right when partaking of findom, else, you might as well not do it at all.

Do it right.

Or not at all – there’s great, great wisdom behind that saying. (and truism).

Get the book HERE.

Learn, review, learn more, implement, experiment – and – enjoy!

And leave a review too on this product, or any others you buy.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

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