Madam Annie and – why her feet are most important!

Dear Reader,

Todays email will come in two parts – one devoted to a  lady that just added me on wechat a while back – – and another to a couple of ladies I saw outdoors – – both living testament to the fact that in terms of true femdom, SHE is who counts, and HER preferences count.

And both living testament to the fact that if there’s one area of her body that is important for a true MALE submissive – it’s feet – and of course her ass!

Last night, I noticed a lady add me from one of the numerous “WeChat” groups I’m a part of.

Now, I was busy finishing up Sin City I believe – and I did not notice the add until much later – but as soon as I messaged this lady (and believe me, from the profile pictures – she has that look in the eye!).

It isn’t quite as dominant of a look as Princess Joanie’s was – – but I still started to feel WEAK as I chatted with her.

“Who is this, Madam”, I asked, making sure to emphasize the last word.

“I’m Annie!” came the pat response.

And as I asked her where she was from in China – and some other questions – she of course cooly sidestepped them and said she was a merchandiser selling clothes.

“Ah, I see, Madam!”, I “giggled” online. “You added me to sell your stuff, didn’t you?”

Pregnant pause (and a hard dick on my end) – – and then …

“ No, just friends!”

And though she was friendly enough, one look at her profile pictures – – as well as where she is FROM (Hubei province in China) told me EVERYTHING I needed to know!

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but the lovely Carol, one of the lovelies and most dominant ever, and with feet so beautiful that an entire post is dedicated to her FEET alone – – is also from there.

“Madam its good you’re not there”, I said (being that Hubei is currently under lockdown in terms of China’s attempts to control the spread of the dreaded COVID-19).

She’s actually from a city very close to me (long story short) – and I’m sure I’ll meet her someday, but back to what we were discussing!

“I think it’s best if you benefit more from our relationship, don’t you think”, I shyly ventured.

And then, with a huge grin … “I’m just being honest, Ma’am!”

Pregnant pause again, and then … of course … the GIGGLE!!

“You need to go to sleep now!” she said, giggling away, avoiding a direct acknowledgment of course!

Truly – the joys of being TRULY submissive are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

And as I was walking in the park today, I saw a Chinese lady (or of Chinese origin at any rate) sitting outdoors with her boyfriend (I’m assuming).

Nothing “spectacular” to look at for you “vanilla” folks out there – but boy oh boy, she was sitting there with her lovely soles on full display – – flip flops cast to one side – just like Ms. Chen all those years ago, and I involuntarily flinched, as I remembered the numerous smacks to the head – – and balls! – that that regal lady and her FRIENDS administered!

I remember Madam Payal, and I remember the FIRST TIME I worshipped Ms. Chen’s feet … ah, but I best not let the ENTIRE cat out of the bag – the story will do that just well!

And right now ,right before writing this post to you I went for another walk – – and saw this lovely INDIAN lady outdoors – with the most beautiful, large feet ever .. large, yet delicate, and oh-so-well-manicured that she could be the owner of the pair of feet that people love so much on the cover of “Serving an Indian Goddess!”

And that, my friend is that. I don’t know if tonight will be an encore of the night I spoke after a long time to Madam Christina – – but given all I’ve seen it might well be!

All for now – I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – My apologies for the numerous server downtime over the past coupla  days. Hopefully all back to NORMAL now …

P.S #2 – By the way, make sure to check out Sin City Diaries – Volume TWO – if you have not already – right here – –

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