LOOK – actively – for chores to complete, and ways to make her happy!

One of the things I often do with my lovely S.O, even when she is not consciously aware of it – and even when I am not?

Well, look for ways – little ways – the unsexy ways – to make Madams life easier!

It could be answering the doorbell, it could be handling those annoying delivery guys, it could be anything. It could be simply washing one single plate – just so she doesnt have to when she shows up (not that she would! But, she doesnt have to see it).

Or, what I did yesterday, some dusting that had been pending for ages, I did it – and more than what I was assigned.

I did inform Ma’am about the “assigned task” and it’s completion, but NOT – I repeat, NOT the extra details.

But she noticed it.

She didnt tell me either!

She shouldn’t.

That sexual tension is always there between us to an extent … Hehe.

Anyway this is yet another tip to be covered in the great and upcoming book “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a flame – on AUTO PILOT!”.

But note – this book is for REAL femdom lovers.

If you’re just into wanking off to it, or temp play this wont be for you (unless you’re a pro BDSM practitioner in which case, yes, these tips will give you plenty of great ideas for play and make you lots of money while at it. Hehe).

(and if you’re just into that, probably best you unsubscribe from this list as it’s only for real femdom lovers).

Back to it – that is what I do, and that is what you should too .

And believe me, if you deeply want and cherish femdom like I do, so naturally do, those chores, even when they are none, will come to mind, they will FLOW to you, and you’ll do them on auto pilot.

This could probably be a tip for any romantic relationship as well, but it applies even more so to BDSM and fetish, my friend, especially 24/7 or approaching close to it as I live.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – If you want to place a pre-order for Volume Two, contact me, and I will have a way you can do that up as well – though the book will be out for sale very soon – but either way, let me know.

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