The first time I licked Master Jerome’s ass!

And why I love BRATS so much!

That evil, SEXY look to the eye!

Because they’re pampered BRATS, and they know they deserve it!

“You’ll do anything for me, won’t you boy!”

So giggled perfect GODDESS Su, her of the Sophia Bai series, as Master Jerome lay relaxed on a beach chair …

I had brought them both drinks. Him a beer, and her wine.

And I was “pressing her legs” as she liked.


As she said at the very outset …

“You can clean the house and press my legs, boy!”

(Note – Do as SHE says, boy! Not as you want! She wasn’t big on FEET, I was, but yet I did what SHE WANTED – and thats another key to finding true female dominance that I mention in my PATHBREAKING book on it – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China (and yes, it works for ladies and sissy faggotty males anywhere!)

(Let’s face it. A Goddess is a Goddess anywhere, and a sissy is always a sissy!)

And this with ZERO lack of confidence, and I loved it!

Read all about that in Sophia Bai (the sequels, rather).

But, here is what she said as Jerome lay there.

(And remember, by then I had sucked his dick and begged to do so as well, but hadn’t done any ass worship!)

It was coming though – pun intended, hehe.

“Lick his ASS!”

And as she said it, she didnt giggle.

She just issued the COMMAND.

With a stern, knowing gaze, BORING DEEP INTO MY SOUL!

And of course, I did it.

That was the first time I licked Master Jerome’s ass, and I loved it! I’ll never forget the intoxicating sissy “rosebud” smell will I?

I think not!

This email was going to start out as “pampering your Mistress”.

Or, “doing anything for her”!

But as it turned “out” (pun!) – I changed the subject title.

And rightly so!

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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