When she’s having an exceptionally ROUGH day …

Worse than many others!

Carol once (her of “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”) – yet, oddly enough, the experiences at the end are the polar opposite, my friend asked me this question “what will you do if I’m having a TERRIBLE day”.

She meant like, really terrible.

I said the usual things, draw a bath for you, fix your meals, yada, nada, schnada, but while none of that was necessarily wrong, and all very “romantic” – it might not be practical, and well… it wasn’t what she wanted to hear (though she was so in love she didnt herself know that!).

It isn’t press her head, press her feet …

Years later, when I wrote the book, I “got it”.

I dont know if this is mentioned as a tip specifically – it is in Sissy Central, but that is this – BE there for her.



It might not seem like its doing any good, but it IS.

Women love to complain, my friend – and this isn’t just a guide to attracting dominant women tip – it works for anything you want to attract into your life, but lets talk relationships for now …

I was talking to Jyoti the other day, and she had a day from hell. We all have those, and a lot of that – she couldn’t control, which left her drinking too much coffee – and with a massive migraine.

Like Madam Sophia, of course, we hadn’t chatted the whole day, and the only chatting we did was about this. Hehe.

“BE there when I NEED you, boy!” 


I was there for her, I listened, offered whatever advice I could, she went silent, and … well, did it help her?

I dont know – but I believe to an extent it did!

I was mentioning my rough week too. Hehe. But she never asked about that! Hehe.

A lot of guys at that point might have gotten “pissed off” saying “well, we experience it too – so why can’t we talk about it”?

Well, true, goose and gander, but that isn’t always how it works in these cases, my friend.

Bottom line – BEING there for her is a “feeling” thing, not a logical thing, and if you really “want” her – that cannot be over-emphasized.

This shouldn’t be confused with “simping” or desperate.


There’s a fine line ………


My world famous femdom affirmations have been and continue to attract a LOT of attention and RESULTS along with the book above – if you’ve bought them, or any product here – again – please take the time to leave a REVIEW!

With your results, or simply your thoughts if the results have not manifested as yet.

They really help for reasons already discussed.

And thats that friend – I’ll be back soon!



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