Business advice and LEADERSHIP how to’s from a truly brilliant mind that reviewed “Miss V Beauty Salon” – and what this book can teach YOU!

Truly, our books – if you look deep inside, which you were meant to, my friend are about so much more than just the usual superficial stuff covered in most erotica books.

I go DEEP, I get into the MIND – both of the reader and the characters in the book which are truer than you’d think – as I keep saying, real life mixed in with a dab of creative license as opposed to the other way around.

And my books teach you about so much more then just fetish – life, leadership – and SUCCESS as well!

It can be success finding the dominant lady of your dreams, for instance, but even the advice in that book – as I keep saying, you can apply it to ANY AREA of your own life, and achieve OUTSTANDING, resounding SUCCESS at whatever it is you do – if you so choose!

and I certainly did!

Anyway – this superlative review for “Miss V Beauty Salon” – a book written “in between” some of the Madam Carrie books (if you’ve read them, you know the context!) got –

(and it’s so true, each word of it) –

Miss V Beauty Salon REVIEW

We live in a changing world, a world in which increasingly healthy consumption habits are being imposed, with demographic and social changes that point towards a greater longevity of the population and the growing digital transformation that companies are assuming, implies that everything the industrial fabric and, specifically, the fitness sector faces a wave of changes and becomes a good business.

The great attraction that the market around the world presents for the various international operators is a reality and, specifically, it highlights the growing interest that the fitness industry is awakening in global brands that see a high potential for growth in the sector.

In Miss V Beauty Salon we see the conjugation of fetishism with the instruction of physical conditioning, where the protagonist mixes his sexual relationship with his exercise work.

So you have achieved the dream of setting up your beauty salon: Congratulations! You have to know anyway, that the day you become a salon owner, your responsibilities change. It is no longer just about what you can create with your hands, but with your vision, work system, innovation and inspiration. Simply put, your leadership ability becomes a more important skill than being a stylist.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. Now you have to decide if it is better to work as a stylist, or as a leader of your salon. Let’s be honest: your company needs you much more as a leader “that is: Mike Watson”, someone capable of guiding others and being a point of reference at all times. Not convinced? Here at Madam V Beauty Salon we leave reasons why being the leader of your salon is more important than continuing to provide direct service to your clients.

Being a good leader takes time…a lot of time: The more time you spend working as a stylist, the more work you’ll rack up as a salon leader. The tasks of a salon owner are more than you can imagine. If they accumulate, small problems become mountains. This leads to an inefficient work system and the loss of many opportunities.

Although in this book you will find how to run a Beauty Salon and have wholesale sex fun as a fetishist.

Paula Banda Rendón

Well – Paula – such SAGE(ess, hehe) – and true words as usual, and thanks again for that awesome review!! (as always)

My friend, this review – if I could break it down into two things –

One, and most importantly, every business, every relationship (in its own way, and from different angles) – and every .. well, everything you do in life.

It’s about LEADERSHIP and INSPIRATION, and motivating others to rise up is what really gets YOU to the top of the pack, makes you the cream of the CROP.

Its one thing to put books out, for instance, and focus on fetish, a lot of people do.

It’s one thing to start a beauty salon. And sell services. Lots of Madam’s do, hehe. (That was actually Miss X Beauty Salon next door – I just changed it to V – well, long memories for the letter “V” – a lady Daniela I knew in 2004 kept using it “valentine” for another girl in the office who just wouldn’t stop staring at me all day hehe – long story there, but I think I covered it here before!)

But where do you TAKE IT?

What is your VISION for it?

Lots of big things start out small initially, they stay that way for years (look at Amazon for one).

But the VISION people have in their minds, whether they consciously know or accept it – or not – how you see yourself – is what really matters at the end of the day, when it comes to “finish line”.

Its how you finish, not how you start – or get there.

And to LEAD is a skill my friend you can only learn from being in the trenches, learning, observing, following your gut – helping others achieve their goals and dreams – and that skill is ultimately what you need in life – what every business needs (the difference between a ceo and a LEADER for one) – every country does – every relationship does too!

Thats what Paula is referring to, thats what you’ll learn from the book – if you read between the lines – while you struggle to contain your hard on. Hehe.

Fitness wise, well, that fitness business I keep talking about so much – again, real life! But the fitness part isn’t so much emphasized in the book as the rest of the stuff – but the reason I keep talking about it, as I keep saying, women are expected to maintain high standards to an unreasonable extent almost daily (physically especially) – why do men get away with “we’ve got money so we can parade our tiny dicks and beer bellies around like badges of honor” ?

Not fair, wrong, unhealthy too!

Every woman deserves a thinking, sexy sub!

And thats message numero … TWO!

Thats that – stay tuned for more great reviews on the OTHER site as well.


Mike Watson

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