Truly a book of “self knowledge” – and the BEST introduction Spicyanderoticfetish could EVER GET!


Paula Banda Rendon, trained geisha and my most superlative translator as yet whose BIO I just uploaded here … well, she’s sent in several awesome – simply MIND BLOWING – reviews for some of my books.

And we’ll get into one on “Owned by Madam Aa Ling now”.

First, let me paste MY own thoughts – which should give you a sneak peek as to just how HIGHLY I rate her review, truly one that believes in the power of the MIND – and GETS IT!


Hi Paula,

Thanks so much for both of those – and your great WORK as always! Those reviews were simply superb and awesome – even better than your other ones, if I might say so – it seems you truly ENJOYED these books, and the MESSAGES truly HIT HOME – as they should!

Thanks again – let me know if you need any help in terms of promoting the books – or if you wish for me to put in additional links etc. I was doing that, but we experienced a huge surge in traffic, everything went offline for a few hours – but we’re now back online and “equipped” as far as I know, at least for huge spikes in traffic – so all should be well!

Keep being AWESOME, Paula – you TRULY – DO – get it!



Speaking of being awesome – lets get to her review NOW.

Why are men and women born to love and desiring with all their will to be loved, not able to find, to magnetize their partners? And why, if they do, do they abort the relationship and it is not possible for them to stay together and be happy forever?

Why is neither will nor love enough, even when both people are noble, healthy and without vices? What happens that relationships end daily and, increasingly, those that remain do so for reasons that have nothing to do with love?

The love of a couple from Psychomysticism offers you the indisputable answer to why most current couples do not work and shows you the way, step by step, to make your relationship work healthy and lastingly, moved by love and not by no other reason why, unfortunately, many of today’s couples remain united.

This book of self-knowledge aims to help you get to know yourself, making a journey within yourself that leads you to heal the mother wound: fear of rejection and abandonment, which is achieved through an honest introspection that you will achieve by going through its healing pages to simultaneously discover why you relate as a couple as you do and serve as a guide so that you bond as equals of a healthy and free way. The perfect couple exists! Perfect love exists!

And the way to find it is by raising our level of awareness about ourselves and about the other, which induces us to break with fear and illusions and to magnetize a real, reciprocal and healthy relationship in which peace and passion are amalgamated, joy and freedom.

Welcome to Spicy and Erotic Fetish!, a healing psychospirituality that invites you to rescue Love and listen to the voice of your Soul to win the battle against the Ego and Fear that keep us trapped in pain.

Some high-heeled shoes, a teddy bear, a doll, an intimate garment, can become someone’s fetish, that is, that object or area of ​​the body that they use to enhance sexual arousal.

Fetishism – that cult or exaggerated veneration for certain objects, or that erotic fixation on a specific part of the human body (such as the feet) – has several levels.

There are the mildest, like when an individual asks his partner to put on a certain garment that for him is the most exciting.

But there are also deep ones: where the fetishist’s focus of interest is not the person who uses the fetish, but the object that excites him (as in the case of those who only achieve erotic pleasure by popping balloons).

Is having a fetish a ‘normal’ or ‘aberrant’ behavior? Do fetishes have any kind of benefit for the relationship? Do they become a problem?

Allow Mike Watson through this book to introduce you to his world and maybe he will convince you to stay…

Think that your purpose will be the best, if you feel it in your heart as an absolute truth. Best of luck to the Fetishist!

Paula Banda Rendón

Well, just READING that – you know thats a thinking lady!

And if you’ve read her bio via the link above, you’ll know she is for sure. Hehe. QUALIFIED, can we say!

And more…

Where do I EVEN start on this one?

Well first off, I suppose – the part of is fetish “normal” or “aberrant” – well, I believe I’ve addressed that enough in my writings!

Benefit, problems – well, thats been addressed galore too hasnt it?


Welcome to Spicy and Erotic Fetish!, a healing psychospirituality that invites you to rescue Love and listen to the voice of your Soul to win the battle against the Ego and Fear that keep us trapped in pain.

Listen to the voice of your soul – what you TRULY deeply desire.

Cast ALL EGO to the side or “what might they think”. It doesnt matter, so long as it’s SSC and both of you REALLY WANT IT – and we all do, trust me!

Why do so many relationships break up, as she asks – well, one main reason is that hidden SEXUAL fetishes are never addressed, when they are, there’s too emotion brought into the discussion part – and couples rarely, if ever, acknowledge either other’s hidden desires and DO what each other wants!

Call me a fool for saying it if you so would, but this, along with financial issues which is a different ball of wax obviously – is the MAIN – numero uno reason behind relationship breaking up, it all starts from HERE.

True, numerous other small issues arise which then lead to the big thing i.e. breakup, it all builds, but it all starts from your hidden desires NOT being acknowledged, always wanting to break out DEEP DOWN INSIDE!

Sexual feelings are amongst the most base instincts we have as humans.

Ignore them at your own peril, my friend. (and believe me, financial issues etc ? If you resolve the MAIN ISSUES, it all falls into place so nicely!)

She speaks of perfect love existing, she speaks of getting to know yourself – and she is spot on w.r.t all of this.

If only more people thought like Paula – and yours truly!

Anyway, this book has got rave reviews – y’all are well aware of that.

And if this review doesnt make you JUMP To the chase and click “order now” – well, then you ain’t got a pulse – and you ain’t into fetish or any of this seriously, its that simple (and if you’re on the list and “do nothing” after reading it, you probably should NOT be on it in the first place!)

Thats that. Back with more awesome reviews shortly.


Mike Watson

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