Madam how does it feel to … have THAT many simp messages from a FOOL like me?

No, you FOOL!

Princess Sophia said it so well, and I so love it when those terms are used -with a feeling – for me!

So does any true submissive, the feeling, real feeling behind the words is what counts, and you can FEEL IT !

Indeed, such is the case with the lovely lady with LONG sole who hardly posted any pics (in years) – and other than calling me a pathetic … well, she said NOTHING!

But she’s enjoying the simping going on – both to her, and her boyfriend’s lovely DONG – that head is SO succulent – muah! I so want to put it in my mouth, I’d beg his ass crack to do so, literally!

She probably feels that – knows it, and ONE word from her is all it takes.

Others – well, they said more, and that is equally erotic too, but this lady .. well, you can FEEL it.

She truly KNOWs, and is truly DOMINANT!

Anyway – I asked her the above question today (and sometimes it’s not about quantity, about quality) …

(but if quantity and quality are both there – well! Bear in mind that as you read…)

And given what others have told me, it can be overwhelming and too much to respond to. Hehe.

But it also feels GOOD!

And if it helps you practically, it feels BETTER!

For her, I’m doing it because – well, she deserves it. Queen, Goddess, what more can I say and I really feel it too, so it works – as does this whole business (on that note, we’ve upgraded Servers YET AGAIN – so if you experience slowness, please – I request – dont sit and do nothing, email me and TELL ME!) …

… but also because it will help her down the road (though I doubt Madam knows that – as yet). Hehe.

Anything for those long soles, I so want to stare at them all night, for them to KICK me, slap me, and so forth …

Truly gives the words “My Lord, My Master” a whole new meaning, and more so because it’s used for a lady. hehe.

But she’s my MASTER – I know that!

So how does it feel?

Well, for most ladies, if its gibbering rubbish from simps?

From idiots – IGNORE.


Gibbering messages that are intelligent?

Well, she might not respond.

BUt she loves ’em, that I will guarantee!

Trick is if you can be smart enough and not a complete fool like a certain “Bozo Schofield” is …

Or, she might say “Enough already, you FOOL! ” (or feel it for an instant)


But even in that case, you can bet if it’s intelligent, she will like it, wont mind it that much at the very least…

Women love SMARTS OVER ALL – yes, even dick sizes and all that!

(because smarts, well, amongst other things attract MONEY! $$ . Hehe. So it should be!)

And lovely laide

And thats that.

Plenty of lessons here on attracting dominant women to you, my friend, like moths to a flame.

For more – get the course on it here.

I’ll be back … soon!


Mike Watson

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