Why I recently blocked a findomina – and why NEEDINESS has NO place in biz!

It turns everyone off, does the neediness, and to those of us that can see through and deal with vibes – well … !

But anyway, I’m well known for blocking people – both male and female.

If the vibe doesn’t fit – if they keep pestering you for something that benefits them, but not both of you, if they “secretly” mooch of you, if they … well, there’s a long laundry list there – including people who dont talk to you for months, but then pop up saying “hi!” (usually they need something at that point) – well, I just ruthlessly block.

Same thing with my email list here.

If you’re on it, and haven’t bought something for ages – dont be surprised if I up and remove you – and do NOT allow you back. It irritates me, people sitting there doing nothing. I am most happy if need be with people being honest and saying “hey this is not for me” and unsubscribing themselves, and even more so (and grateful) to the majority of the list (buyers) – but the do nothing’s is who I cannot stand.

People keep telling me “dont do this in this day and age”, the assumption being “in an economy this tough” how can he do it.

Well, I’ve been a huge believer in the fact that tough times are made in the mind of man first and foremost, and it’s true.

To me, it’s business as usual, I follow the Laws of the Universe as usual and one is “remove what you do NOT want from your life, and watch what you DO want – flow in so effortlessly you’ll wonder why you did not do it before”.

Now, findominas …

If you have someone whose admittedly a Queen and gorgeous, but keeps whining about “I have nothing to eat” – and “I did not eat anything- well – that sounds more like someone wanting charity to be honest than a “Domina” of any nature.

Dont get me wrong, we’re all human, so is she, but other hand – business is business – and especially when it’s sexual.

No bigger turn off for me at least than neediness.

But sexually, it’s an even bigger turn off.

I mean, she started following me the other day, two days ago I didnt even know her, so if someone is that impatient to do business, well,  that explains her lack of biz… (which I’m sure she’d say I’m wrong but I’m not – the vibe – and results show clearly).

Which is all fine and dandy, but to me, thats a turn off – and hey, the other reason?

Well, she’s such a Queen anyway!

And I couldn’t help but keep simping to her, and she kept saying “no talking!” though it was clearly amusing her.

Madam – sometimes it pays to learn from those at the very bottom, your inferiors. Hehe. This thread explains more …

And well, what can I say – to those who will actually bother reading, kudos, to the rest, so be it. Hehe. But it’s fact!

Anyway – findom – and humiliation – the two go TOGETHER!

Just as feet and cock do, hehe.

And a course that truly shows you how to humiliate your sub beyond the point of – any point of – no return as so many of you ladies and subs both WANT – crave – desire – ?

Is Humiliation Central.

Get it NOW.

And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

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