“Yes, you’re right! I like money MORE than man, boy!”

If you saw this morning’s email, you know the “barrier” has finally been breached.

Once I managed to beg enough times for her to (while on the bed, with her lovely feet crossed) accept my money – – or rather, a gift ? … the floodgates were OPEN.

As they did with Madam Pearl, of course, although that lady was a notch above perfect Madam 7 in terms of findom!

But then again, 7 is a married lady.

She wasn’t! ?

Anyway, this brings to mind what the lovely “Venus” (not her original name – yours truly gave her that name) once told me when I was feeding the fish in a community pond in my apartment complex.

The Chinese have these “gardened” complexes that pass off as apartment complexes (for lack of a better term).

It’s like buildings in a park full of trees and such (unless they are low level apartments, in which case it’s the drab buildings you see so often).

But if you’re willing to fork out a bit more, as I am (for decent living!) you live in  what they call “hua yuan’ (garden in Chinese, and literally, that’s what it translates to in English).

And, as I was feeding the fish I sent Venus a picture.

And then …

But sorry, Madam Venus. I think you don’t really care much about fish or animals, do you?

And the response was both prompt and ONE FOR THE AGES!

“I like two things, boy. Man and money!”

And “boys” . . . . as well, especially the sissies with wallets easy to pry open. ?

And doggy style sex with the right man (and cowgirl) – that was Madam Venus to a T.

And no, she did Not suck dick!

This morning, as Goddess 7 sent me the video she did, I extolled the virtues of the black dick.

“Isn’t it sexy, Goddess! The head … “ was one of my remarks.

“It’s black in color”, she giggled. “Long and black”

“Does your husband have a big dick”, I giggled back.

“normal, boy!”

And of course, when I brought up the question of cocks in mouths (though I was going to name yours truly as the suckie suckie expert here! ?) …

“Ewww! I can’t do that. So disgusting! I never do for husband either!”

And then we got to talking more.

“I think for Madam, the main thing isn’t a long dick. It’s plenty of zeros in that bank account!”

And she giggled.

And she should! ?

“Yes, you’re right! I love money more than man!”


But of course, that was Venus as well to a T.

They’re both the same age, and I remember lovely Venus telling me that in the park last year.

“Moneyyyyyy! Of course!!!!!!!!”

And then we went to dinner, and …

… but that’s a different tale, for another time!

SO the main lesson – and takeaway?

Money is important, boy, and while it ain’t the only thing by far for a dominant lady to choose YOU – it’s damn important!

But even just a fat wallet won’t help you if you don’t the right way to ATTRACT this dominance to you in the first place and that’s why I put out this book on attracting femdom in all it’s shapes, guises and forms to you.

(Note – if you’re like certain guys who “just want to get their rocks off”, the book ain’t for you).

It’s only for you if you’re a true femdom lover, an dunderstand that femdom is hardly but a quick jerk and that’s that.

It’s way way more than that.

It’s a lifelong commitment if you do it right.

And it’s how things SHOULD BE!

Grab it right here, my friend. It promises to change your life around for the better – and how!


Mike Watson

PS – And I should know, my friend. I should know!

PS #2 – Female led relationships are not only BETTER, but also the FUTURE my friend. Learn  about this in one of the countries that is often touted to be a “country for the future” (whether or not it actually will be is another story altogether, hehe) – but really. Chinese ladies from the mainland do it best, and that’s just how it is!

Here is where you can read – Tales of Chinese Femdom by Mike Watson. From the heart, UNEDITED, and written in the flow. Truly reality mixed in a dash of (sometimes more ?) creative LICENSE!

PPS – Thank you, Madam! All of your! Thank you just for being female, and so awesome! ?

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