Tease and Denial – done – RIGHT!

And most girls – a lot of girls – do it so right instinctively, especially in China!

Ever notice what REALLY (and why) gets you off about that COCK pic where the dong HEAD points straight at you – or perhaps the FOOT – with the sole, and her EYES probing DEEP into you – or any sort of similar “provocative” picture or scene, albeit in your mind?

It’s the LURE.


You see, you want, you crave, but often times you CANNOT Get – and this in itself describes findom – both the fetish and the “why’s” of it – SO DAMN WELL!

Its the same thing with blowjobs and such – that tongue in front of his, or your cock, the red lips, and so forth …

Sex doesnt just sell by teasing – good sex – and fetish – WORK that way.

The MENTAL is the most important, again!

And the ladies in China described in Sin City Diaries, well, they did it the best!

I still remember one of them trailing and flicking my nipples, and giggling, and asking me if I liked dick. (remember, I never spoke about fetish with them!).

So NICE! Hehe.

Needless to say my orgasm that day – the first one of many was EXPLOSIVE. Hehe.

It’s about the gentle touches, the flicks, the subtle mocks, she has that POWER over you!

Madam Bao Bao with her lazy handjobs, designed to leave you wanting more …

Both these ladies and many more are mentioned in Sin City Diaries, and they alone make the whole read worth it, either by itself, or in compilation format.

I’ll have more on this soon.

But for now, remember the next step to proper tease and denial for men is … if done right, it comes naturally, RUINED ORGASMS!

Something which most people a) dont do RIGHT – and b) confuse with sissygasms.

b) is COMPLETELY wrong, and easier to understand.

During a sissygasm, you “piss your cum out in one giant leak” if that makes sense, those that have done it KNOW.

A ruined orgasm done RIGHT – and most dont – means it just LEAKS or dribbles out WITHOUT the initial spurt!

That could be while your cock is still stiff, or going limp…

But if you give him that initial spurt of pleasure and then no more, its a semi ruined orgasm, and nowhere near what a FULL one feels like.

Truly, tease and denial is how I’ve lived all my life, and there has never been anything more erotic than this for me, I sort of suspect a lot of y’all feel the same way too.

And to learn more on this – go HERE.


Mike Watson

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