Do women enjoy “rough sex” more?

I seem to recall Madam Carrie heading on to the UK (no, if a certain Bozo Schofield is reading this, NOT to meet you, hehe) in Volume 4 – where she meets a professional Domina by chance.

What happens of course is detailed in the book, the “latter” half of it, but keeping that in mind, a great review came in – again from Paula!

Here goes –

Madam Carrie 4. REVIEW

If you like rough sex, you are not alone.

When Justin Lehmiller surveyed more than 4,000 Americans about their fantasies in
bed for his book “Tell Me What You Want”, rough sex turned out to be one of the two
most common choices. Most, regardless of gender or orientation, have been excited
by the idea of doing it or have already done it, realizing how rewarding it can be.

The widespread appeal of this form of lovemaking can also be seen in porn viewing
habits. For example, if you look at the most viewed genres on Pornhub, “hardcore”
consistently appears in the top third of categories year over year. Interestingly,
contrary to what one might think, women like this type of pornography more than
men, collects ‘Men’s Health’.


Why is it so exciting?
A recent study published in the journal ‘Evolutionary Psychological Science’ offers
some answers to this question. The researchers surveyed 734 New York college
students about their attitudes and experiences with consensual rough sex.

Most of the sample (51%) indicated that they had recently practiced this type of act.
Among the most frequent sexual behaviors they reported were scratching, spanking,
hitting, insults, ripping clothes, tying themselves up and blindfolding.

The women surveyed indicated that they have an orgasm much faster when they
make love in a more savage way.

It should be noted that the authors of this study speak of these behaviors as “playful
activity”, in no case of abuse or violence. They are consensual behaviors that, in
most cases, occurred in the context of a long-term relationship and rarely (less than
1% of encounters) caused any type of serious injury. In other words, we’re not talking
about behavior where people really want to harm their partner.

In fact, the people who tried it had really enjoyed this type of activity. When asked to
differentiate between rough and “conventional” sex, both men and women noted that
orgasms are more frequent and intense, as partners make more effort to satisfy each
other, the act is more arousing and the act is more vigorous.
Happy submissive reading devised by Watson!

And Paula – you’re right – spot on – and very insightful review again!

I haven’t read the book she’s referring to, but I’ll tell you this much first – INTENSE is always best!

That could be intense mental humiliation – or verbal – or if one is into physical – then the latter – or a combo of all of the above which is usually the case.

And therefore, all my “from the heart” writing, and what Madam Paula says in her last paragraph.

Then of course, what she says in the preceding paragraph – especially for you guys – this shouldn’t be taken as an invitation to start choking or blindfolding your partner without them knowing, or doing it “too rough!”.

Like she says, its done within limits, its done NOT to “really hurt” the other person, it’s done because the other person wants it, just like BDSM in general – SSC – safe, sane  – and consensual. Respect limits, safe words always – especially with this sort of thing!

As for why – same reason I’d say as why people enjoy intense mental humiliation and so forth. The more intense it is, the more it brings out REAL femdom lovers – and REAL femdom – and submission as well, and those that love it!

Thats my take on it in a nut-shell – NO pun intended, hehe.

Now ………….women and rough sex?

I remember back when I USED to have sex with my lovely wife, SOMETIMES- or rarely, when I was in a dominant sexual mode (which wasn’t often at all!) – I’d often do things like what is mentioned above, sometimes without telling her in advance, and she loved it – and the “surprise” made it even better!

Of course, I know limits etc, and what to follow, so I did not have to ask her in that regard first.

But I remember as I wrote in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – the TRUE stories at the end of the book …

Madam Carol for one, she loved it that way too!

She’d LOVE giving me blowjobs, and being mouth fucked – I remember doing it with one foot on the inside of her lovely soft thighs one night (on her birthday, I believe).

Dark apartment, ground floor, kitchen area … and when all was said and done, cum was hanging on to the strands of her hair.

I still remember her sort of giggling.

“Oh, you …. ”

So yes – if women are into the guy, and they like it rough, most definitely, almost like with sex itself, women love rough sex perhaps more than guys in some regards!

Again, caution before you proceed.

But there it stands.

Paulas already wanting book #5 in the Madam Carrie series, but that is still in the works, I’ll have it done “soon” – whenever soon happens. Hehe.

For now, go HERE to order some of my world famous books on Chinese femdom!

And I’ll be back.

Best ,

Mike Watson

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