Ushna Shah’s soles are just so nice…

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Ushna Shah’s soles are just so nice…



… and Madam is so naturally DOMINATING and dominant!

I know I’ve said that about many women.

Women in general.

And it’s true! Hehe.

But as I woke up thinking of this lady, a lady whose dialog in the short Youtube clips I’ve seen I dont even mostly understand – along with Jigyasa Singh – another GODDESS! … I gotta say it.

“Ma’am, your soles are so nice!”

“Ma’am, how can I get you more followers, how can I help you?”

In general, of course!

And I Dont know why she came to mind.

Well, I do.

If there EVER was understated ROYAL, REGAL femdom – is is Ushna Ma’am.

Her serials, shows, TV episodes etc dont necessarily include the brutal verbal humiliation dished out to maids, maid servants etc that other Pakistani soap operas do (from what I can tell, Ma’am is Canadian Pakistani).

But just the look in her eyes…

Just the WAY she relaxes, sits, so superior, such a QUEEN!

Even the cameras seem to know how lovely her calves, soles and ankles – and feet in general are!

“Ma’am, because your feet are so NICE!”

And they are. The more I say it, the less it is!

And thats what I gotta say for now.

I’d have said it to her directly. Hehe. but I’m saying it here, I feel it’s better!

Anyway ………

Another Shah I once knew – Dana!

Her last name was Shah … hehe.

Subcontinental femdom is not just brutal.

It’s so REAL, so NICE! So Innate…

And Dana, Pooja, Ushna, all so nice, all so dominating!

I love it!

So will you, my friend.

Pick up some Indian femdom books NOW.


Mike Watson

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