The subtle art of male humiliation

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, I was contacted by a masseuse on WeChat – a “clinical” looking lady, and dressed accordingly, as you might expect in your typical spa, in a white “clinical” looking dress (at least that was the picture she had on!).

But though I had no idea who she was, I accepted her “Friend request” on the app – and why?

Because the VIBE she gave off, from that first “Hi!” was anything BUT clinical, my friend.

Not only did she have that piercing, naughty “I know what you want, bitch!” look to her eyes – – she was also fairly friendly and kept asking me to come in for a massage, which I eventually did one fine Sunday evening.

And of course, one of the first things that happened during the massage was that her fingers moved artfully – very artfully indeed! – up to my nipples, and they sprang into attention almost instantly.

Ah, those lovely Chinese female forefingers – – if there’s ever ladies who are NATURALS at it (at least ALL of the many I’ve encountered!) – it’s ladies from the Chinese mainland – they’re naturals, of course not only at nipple play – but keeping a man SUBMISSIVE via various methods – but we’ll get into that later!

So, as she gave me one of the best handjobs of my life, I came – in SPURTS, all over her lovely little hands.

And as I “made a mess”, she made the comment.

“Hmmm!!!!” … and she might as well have been a Victorian era school teacher reprimanding a relactricant kid – this despite the fact that I was the paying customer!

The way she looked at me, the way those eyes sparkled with mischief and that “I’ll get you, boy!” vibe — for a minute I imagined she might make me slurp that cum up right from her dainty little fingers, and judging from the LOOK in her eye – the sheer sparkle, she might well have!

Nothing of that nature happened, of course. The massage continued, and I left later – tipping her profusely as she deserved (yes – they ALL deserve it! ;)).

Many years ago, I had a similar experience with a lady of the night doing much the same thing, but in this case, her reaction was even more extreme in a way.

I came not all over, but INTO her cupped palms, and the look of sheer disgust she gave me (and I’ll admit – there was a LOT of goo!) was to be seen to be remembered!

Though I was paying her – and paying her well – she looked at me as you might something the cat brought in from the rain, and then at my ejaculate with an equal, if not more amount of distaste and disdain.

Now, you might think she was handicapped in that I was a paying customer – and she couldn’t say much?

Well, words aren’t necessary at the best of times, my friend – that LOOK she gave me spoke Volumes – and she might as well have been an earlier incarnation of Madam Carrie – who delighted in making ole Watson slurp up his own cum (when he WAS allowed to cum) in the most distasteful and DISGUSTING manner possible!

There’s so many different ways you ladies can humiliate a man — and it doesn’t have to be overt all the time!

And it’s been my experience that ladies from the Chinese mainland do it the best – almost as if they’re born to rule – which they are in a way, of course! 😉 

Anyway, like I mention in my writings (all of them) and my manuals as well – the look in the eye is KEY to any sort of sexual (or other) relationship.

It’s that LOOK IN THE EYE which tells you how she TRULY feels about things – and how she TRULY views a man as the pathetic little worm he is (pun intended!) – – to be used for one thing only- – to HER advantage!

The eyes are a window unto the soul – – and in the case of these lovely ladies I’m mentioning, a window to the depths of their lovely dominant souls

And I’ll end today’s missive on that note. FYI, humiliation is something that is a turn on for many into femdom – and if you’re even in the least bit interested in this theme, my latest manual on humiliation is a must grab.

It covers 25 different and creative ways – – and the THINKING involved in those ways – – that will well and truly bring a man to his knees and keep him there forever — for HER.

As it should be, of course! 😉

Ok, I’m out for now. I’ll be back later.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is that link again – it is certainly worth your time to read –

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