What a lovely beautiful PENIS he has! (and how it rubs up against Lolas belly button!)

It’s so nice, long, lovely, beautifully cut head – and it’s THICK too!

Gigantic dong, except it’s at the limits of acceptable gigantic, and the guy isn’t overly muscular etc either.

So sexy, that strong butt and flat stomach plowing sissies!

And as I told Madam Dani today …

Hi Princess

While on Twitter, I just saw some black “dom” – massive dick!! (let me know if you want to see, hehe ?) – lovely long and thick – saying a sissy he once fucked was saying his dick was so long it rubbed up against his belly button (sissy’s). Hehe.

Apparently he started calling “her” Lola after that.

??Which, of course, reminded me of YOU, Madam …

How’s life??


Lola (now a cock like that? Maybe someday I’ll try what you said hehe, being dommed (ok, sex basically, but still dommed) by another guy)…

I’m sure she’ll want to see his dong. Hehe.

I’m also sure – well, she’s been ASKING me a lot about “why I dont have more sex with men”, or “would I ever try it”, and have I ever, and so forth. Hehehehe.

She knows all of this already, of course…

But anyway – she is so nice!

And what this guy with the penis posted – which really struck home – pun intended, along with a lot of other posts he made – –

Once I bred a sissy and she said to me that my BBC was rubbing against her bellybutton. This reminded me of that. I called her Lola.
Lola, where are you?
<chopped for privacy> misses you


Just like Madam Dani giving me a list of names to choose from, and I chose the first i.e. Lola.

It just sounds so sissy, feminine, yet hookerish and slutty!

So – NICE!

I have some other favorite humiliating names for myself. But this one is probably, along with “Kanta” as Ms Priyanka used to jeer at me (Indian maid!) – and call me mockingly. Hehe – one of the top favorites!

Anyway …

Lola has THIS to say – he’s right!

Not that she knows him.

But even when you achieve sissygasms with your fingers – it’s more than just pleasure like NOTHING you’ve ever experienced before – IF You do it right (trust me, even alphaa have started preferring it to, or along with their regular orgasms, so pleasurable are these IF done right!) … you’ll feel more than just pleasure.

Done right, this sort of movement taxes the entire ab region from the INSIDE OUT.

And, thats one reason I keep telling you in the book to have a bowel movement – first.

It can get messy if you don’t hehe.

And the longer and thicker the dong is, the more FORCEFUL the thrusts feel, the more pleasure you get, sissy – and so does HE if the hole is TIGHT – and it literally sometimes feels as if someone is prodding your belly button from the inside! 

Great for digestion too. Hehe.

And karmic bliss bar none.

Anyway, that cock is SO NICE!

I’d suck it anyday, all day, I wish I could lick his balls NOW …

I’m sure you reading this feel the same!

And to learn how to give yourself bliss like you’ve NEVER experienced before, even if you dont have a dick handy (pun!) – get Sissy-gasm Central NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Sissies, do you often wish you had a blowjob buddy? Except here, YOU will be the one sucking cock all the time and giving pleasure, no receiving, except THAT is the pleasure – the pleasure of giving – the best and most real ever!

Write back, let me know!

PS #2 – More on that lovely PENIS – and him?

That penis is so beautiful, and he is so DOMINANT!
Truly one of the sorts of penises Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Sissygasm central are DEVEOTED TO! – and Penis Central too…! 
PPS – Definitely one to show my wife too, she will LOVE It (and taunt me for being gay, hehe).

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