Neck cranks (and why neck and LOWER back strength) is uber important, SISSY.

This point is “hammered” (pun!) home so forcefully and fiercely as my wife throws off her slippers in true “queen” style – see Twitter! – yours truly run after them picking them up, now she’s sprawled without a care in the world stomach down – in that PROFOUND POSE I so love – OH MY! – FAT LEGS and SOLES – FAT – VISIBLE, so BITCHY she is, I’m so LUCKY – OH MY!

Ma’am, Paye LAgu!

And as I press her soles as she snores, doing BOTH calves, “cankles” and such at once, I keep reminding myself – not that I need to – what a PLEASURE and honor it is to worship a woman as your superior!

As Madam Athena rightly said.

So nice to see beta males treating their superiors with awe

(I believe she said “a man”, and then good to see betas supporting the community) – and Madam is RIGHT as always!

But back on “point” – pun!

I learned what I said in the title of this email while being “hog tied” by the ears by Madam Sugar – co-conspirator in the Krystal – the Teaching Assistant that was anything BUT! series … in such a manner that my ears were tied to the bedpost, and there was, try as I might, I couldn’t move my neck at all, I was staring – literally at her soles all night!

Madam Susan did a lighter version of this too! “Talk to my soles, boy, not me!

And my wife – even without the physical restraints, boy, the amount necks sometime hurt, even mine, cranking, cranking, and my fingers, squeezing pressing etc..

It’s one thing to DREAM about and fantasize about worshipping her. Thats what wannabes do.

Real femdom lovers dont just dream.

They attract, and DO – and the more you do, the more you attract, simple as that (which is a point that will evade 99.99% of horny males reading this – you? hehe).

Do, boy!

“Economy of talk, GENEROUS action!” as I said in an email prior to this one, I believe…

Anyway, years ago, in Sin City Diaries I mentioned how the massage workers, all usually young girls, would be perched uncomfortably on stools – tiny ones, even if they were overweight, while the clients would recline in king size sofas, their soles staring at the girls.

In some cases, the girls would literally KNEEL. (not on their knees, but in a manner where their shins would touch the floor).

So humiliating, I remember thinking.

Maybe thats another reason I keep talking about it being even more of an honor to worship DOWNTRODDEN ladies, sex workers and massage workers in China, or anywhere, maids in INdia – or anywhere – and so forth.

The other link on this one…  (read this one first)

Dont get me wrong, worshipping women is an honor, period, but you get my point, or the true femdom lover will, at any rate.


Sissies dont have a chance to complain about achy fingers, lower backs and such – as massage workers do!

Sissies should EMBRACE and love it to serve her more!

I do, so should you!

But here’s the thing – with certain exercises, you can not only strengthen those parts of the body so that you can serve her CONTINOUSLY like a true slave, a machine existing only to SERVE – but also do it BETTER! (which that last part being the entire point, sissy!) 

Trust me, those foot massages need strong fingers!

And massage and housework in general, I still remember my wife moaning about (and she does NOT, I repeat, NOT do dishes) – “how my shoulders hurt so much when doing dishes” (again, she doesnt do dishes. Hehe. She leaves the place a mess, and I’m so lucky for that!!!)

… requires a STRONG body.

So hence, my dear SISSY, neck cranks and other workouts I will be teaching you in the upcoming book Sissy Workouts being UBER important for you.

This is one you will NOT want to miss – stay tuned.

Those that want to place pre-orders, contact me now – sales page will have the option shortly as well.

All for HER!

And I’m out.

Back soon!



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