Why ultimately and always its COMMUNICATION that rules the nation, period.

I say it so often, dont I?

Her looks aren’t important!

Neither are his, really.


Cock and soles, boy, soles and cock – and only if backed up by a devious, DOMINATING (important!) – naturally so – even more important, but you can BECOME that way if you do it right! – and OPEN (most important) mind!

Most of all, perhaps a mind that truly is open and cares about the other person more than “just fetish” or even if its just fetish, at least cares about the person sexually.

Thats when you really have the perfect match, but it’s about more than that even, it’s COMMUNICATION – talking – which really does it!

Time and again, I’ve seen it – most often in my case. Hehe.

If you think she – or he is ungettable – remove that thought from your mind – just TALK – and you might be surprised!

They’re humans just like you and I!

Of course, you gotta be confident in yourself first to do it, but I’ve seen it so often, could be any of the ladies I write about, even some of the men, could be Madam Celena from a non fetish standpoint or anyone else even … without even trying.

I once watched a Bollywood tale “Munna Bhai MBBS” about a small time hoodlum with a huge heart who hides the fact he’s a hoodlum from his family (shows them he’s a doc) – then when they take him to get married ie. to check out the girl first (he really does NOT want to get married, he even tells the girl on the phone to “reject him”, period!) – he gets found out.

His Dad gets upset, leaves, long pot boiler type story there – but the gist is this – girls Dad is the Dean at a medical college, hoodlum makes up his mind to not just join the college by hook or by crook, but also to marry his daughter, no matter how!

Dean’s daughter studies at the same college, but guy’s never seen the girl before. Hehe. So she says she’s “someone else” when they meet.

He never knows it.

Along the line, the girl he “wants to marry” i.e Dean’s daughter is “shown to him” – by another girl impersonating a slutty girl, and when he finds out the girl he thought was “so nice” – is actually the opposite, he drops all thoughts of marriage, but in the meantime, he’s been talking to that “other girl”!

And discovers he has fallen in love with her.

She initially doesnt respond, but later finds out she falls in love with him too!

That’s a Bollywood tale that came to mind. I didnt even massage Jyoti’s feet as I was watching this one. Hehe. That was another movie!

But it holds true, I’ve seen it happen SO Often …

Point being this, fetish is all about communication and the mindset more than anything else.

It is AFTER that the sex or lack thereof comes into play!!

More than other things, you really need to TALK To the other person, be OPEN about your desires without feeling guilty over it YOURSELF!

THAT is when lines of communication really open, and the “seed” of fetish (no pun!) blooms into a flower.

Of course, sometimes, if the other person is unwilling to listen no matter what, then you’re better off moving on, but in MOST cases, in fact ALL I’ve counseled – there is a workaround. There always is, if both parties are really interested in finding it, and comfortable with their own inner sexual selves.

I wasn’t for years.

Perhaps thats another reason I do this business, not so much just because I love it and you do – thats one main reason yes, but to help those of  you, for instance, in marriages that are falling apart because of that one reason never discussed – SEX!

Or the lack thereof.

Or, just bringing fetish and other desires out in the  OPEN …

And thats why I offer my kink therapy services too – apply if you need it, and you’re so inclined (I suspect many of you on this list do, and are).

All my books, course, everything – all of it geared towards that end, COMMUNICTION, and brutally honest with examples from my own life, as you can tell! (and as people have given me feedback so many times on).

Last, but not least, our latest hot course that is making people LEAK globally is Sissy Confessions.

Volume One.

Truly the hottest of the hot here – “getting hot with the hotties”, as THAT ex once told me doesnt compare!

It doesnt even begin to.

Get it NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – Believe me, CONFESSING to Father – or Mother, depending upon – Mike – or insert person of choice NEVER felt so good! Unburdened! If you have sissy confessions you’d like to send my way, do so – I’ll feature them HERE!

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