The two questions – that really matter – that Lola asked Princess Dani!

We all know who Lola is. Muah!

Oh she’s so lovely and GORGEOUS!

But anyway, here is what she asked Princess Dani – (and remember, although she’s been “ignoring” me – she hasn’t really – she’s just been busy, and I was thinking of her – I’m sure she is too!).

(I asked her because she’s read, and reviewed these three books – and because she’s such a Queen!

A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland. 

16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to you like MOTHS to a FLAME!

15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE – and have him SALIVATING FOR MORE!

I’m sure she’ll read more down the road too!)

Here goeth –

Hi Princess

Yes, I know you love ignoring me, truth be told, I dont mind running after you either. HAHAHHAA… hehe.

Giggle! ?

I dont know if you got my last email, probably yes, but this sissy has two questions for you, you can only answer yes, or no – nothing else Hehe,.

no if, no but, no Butt – no maybe.


No why either! (despite what I said in the book on femdom affirmations).

1. Am I gay?

2. Am I bisexual?

Be honest! And again, just yes or no..

Sissy Lola sends with much love. xo.

After sending that email, I was so excited I forgot to send her the two attachments that really matter, I’m sure y’all can guess which ones!

Ooops, forgot the attachments.


Lola. *muah* (I cannot remember writing more and being more in love with these two lovely penises, so NICE, dont you agree? Here you can say more than yes or not, hehe).

And if you couldn’t guess, you can now.


thats not the point – for  a change!

Point is, I’m sure she will say NO to both. And nothing more. Hehe.

Madam Megan has already said YES to the first. Probably no to the second, because she said yes to the first!

But Dani is smart, really smart, I dont think she’ll make the mistake Princess Megan did!

Though of course, Megan isn’t entirely wrong either – especially more so from a fetish standpoint!

And before she gets back to me – which I will share verbatim HERE – what do YOU think?

Write back – let me know!


Mike Watson

PS – Why did I ask?

Well, as I said to Dani, no why. Hehe.

But really, it aint even about validation, its to see what YOU think, period – pun!

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