Checking her SHIT – checking her tongue!

My, my, my! My current SO, farting away loudly (SUCH A turn on!) is the best!

She cooks occasionally for some young girls, teenagers and other younger girls – long story there, and sometimes, those naughty little girls dont finish the food she so lovingly cooked!

And while she tells them to you know how kids are, they make every excuse to escape what they should do. Hehe. (like some adults too ;)).

And when she was checking the plate of one particularly naughty, cute kid – you know the kid on the cover of cereal boxes and such ,nice and round … hehe.

Kid shows her the plate, empty

Madam doesnt believe her. She thinks kid gave it to someone. Hehe.

I’ll check your shit tomorrow!” she replies.

For a minute there I thought Ma’am was serious – oh my! And it almost floored me, I came rushing – Madam, who doesnt even WIPE her own ass, even thinking of … but then I saw her eyes, she was joking with the young girl who was giggling away.

“He likes these things”, she very helpfully told the young girl. “Ewwww!”

I endavored to explain the statement shocked me, so I was there, and so forth, not sure if that worked.

But – checking shit?

Man, I SO remember Pooja Memsahib … JI!

Not only did I literally build a shrine to her shit, I WORSHIPPED her shit daily as you can read about in the book – and more to the point, I had to look at her shit daily, and tell her if her stomach was messed up or not depending on what she ate last night!

Those kidney beans she so loved would often pass through undigested – PLOOP!

And I’d often be literally STARING at those, and wondering what kind of shape her tummy was in, I could literally tell what she ate the night before (if I didnt cook it) by her shit!

It was a game for her. She loved it!

Gross, but such a turn on for me – and the kicker? I’m NOT INTO SCAT!

But, so dominant and dominating is Madam … that!

as for checking tongues, Madam often mocked me with tongue out.


And the eyes wide stare…

but I could smell the cum on it – always another man’s of course, I could literally smell the bleach on her breath from it, and of course, she delighted in drinking her lovers (mostly Indian) cum as well – so …

Well, my friend, I thought Id share that with you.

Truly the most BLASE AND DEBSE BOOK ever – get it NOW! .



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