The most disrespectful thing my wife does (probably without knowing it) – something that takes submissiveness to…

… a whole different level!

Now, Ive mentioned she’s from the subcontinent – India, to be precise.

I’ve mentioned how she’s like “Daddy” basically – right down to the fat legs, slovely behavior, and completely uncared for house, physique, and in general – and the farts, of course. Hehe. She’ll fart loudly all the time!

Just like a … MAN!

But the one thing she does, probably without even knowing it – a lot of Indians or perhaps those from the subcontinent do too.

Believe it or not, even with – or at – the height of my sissy powers sometimes it drives me insane, it’s so RUDE and disrespectful (and its how servants in the subcontinent, I believe are spoken to).

Of course, when called out on it she points out other women that are “even ruder”. Women truly are women’s worst enemies sometimes – muah!

(dont believe me, ask any woman, she will tell you. Hell, ask any sissy, she’ll tell you too. Hehe).

(real women, real sissies, that is, not wanna bes).

But … that aint the point here, and I dont really call her out a lot for it either!

I LEAK more and more and think more and more of her doing it, but first, a story – small one.

We (this lady and me) once went to a small hill station in India for a holiday (summer getaway “hill station” being the old “colonial” expression as it were).

And one night, the guy next door to us wanted something, he called the waiter (room service) and just as the waiter was going away, guy remembered something else.

He called him out, much like you would a trusted old servant… 

“Saurabh” ………….. he said. 

Now, thats his name, which is fine.

But the way in which he said it implied “Come here, boy!”

indians have this “way” of pronouncing words, and my SO instantly caught on.

“As if he’s his servant” she smirked, she wasn’t happy he did it (though she does all the time).

Later, when we spoke about it, she giggled about how “husbands in India call their wives sometimes” (I dont know if this is still the case, maybe it is!) …


Listen! (like a boss might call an errant employee. Hehe).

And according to this lady, the wife would respond “Ji!!!!!” (and come running) 

We all know what THAT means Hehe.

yet, things aren’t always what they seem.

There is a reason most of my “silent” readership is from the subcontinent, folks that read all this but folks that also will never BUY any of what I write – too cheap (no, NOT everyone from the subcontinent is too cheap, but a lot are – lets face it, online business isn’t really done there in this regard!).

Prove me wrong. Hehe. I’ll gladly concede!

But anyway – she often calls me from the other room.

The tone isn’t quite either one of the above, but it drives me insane anyway (well, sometimes!) – because to me, I just go to the other person and ask politely if I need to, shouting across the room is just plain ole RUDE to me.

Of course, with how dominating this lady is, it turns me on even more!

Just like a servant, at her beck and call. Hehe.

So nice…

So thats the one thing she does which is a REAL turn on – amongst all the others.

SO manly, hehe.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up plenty of tales of femdom in India – and the subcontinent – here.

PS #2 – When we were discussing this in a non fetish manner, my SO claimed “its not rude because of the tone she uses”

I asked, what if I do it.


There you go.

No goose and gander!

But thats how it should be! ??

And if you’re a reader of the immensely popular “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract real femdom to you like MOTHS to a FLAME” – well you know that.

She’s always right, boy! Hehe. Even when she isnt!

CARDINAL RULE numero uno – There’s so many!

Hell, I even asked her once “I’m not your wife!” (given what she said about wives).

She said nothing. I giggled self (un) consciously internally after that.

’nuff said.

Hehe. I used quotes for a reason! Whose the real wife, you decide, my friends! Hehe.

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