For all you penis worshippers out there…

Sissies, faggots, penis worshippers, Bozos (like a certain Glyn in Birmingham, England, heeh) – and more. Anyone that craves COCK, really – knows THIS Feeling –

Please someone send me a dick pic plss ???
That was Jasmine, a sissy that sent that one in!
I posted this –
can understand, when sissies want dick, it can be unbearable! ?
And it can – I so understand!
I’ve been thinking, dreaming, long beautiful COCK all of today and yesterday, every time I see a dick , I just want to worship it, and of course, her SOLES and the way she TAUNTS Me as I so wrote about come to mind!
Anyway ………..
Lots of you feel the same way, I know that.
Lots of you are horny as “eff” and want it NOW. Hehe.
Unlike me who prefers to “never cum” – lots of you just want cock in your mouth and ass, and unlimited orgasms – or sissygasms!
And so, for all of you out there in that regard?
I made you an offer last year to join the Watson Faithful if you wanted me to introduce you to dominant women (as well as my current SO).
Several people took me up on that offer and they’re having the time of their lives now. Hehe.
Truly, Mike Watson is the REAL Mc Coy of femdom, and everything related.
I only have GOOD contacts in my list, as you guys already know. 
And same thing for penis frenzy my friend.
If you REALLY want penis, and a dominant man to TAKE You – make you worship him like you so DREAM of – well, ALL those that invest inCock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Penis Central (or just the compilation) will get an intro to a stud FREE of charge.
Right, free of charge.
I can’t guarantee what will happen after I introduce you, but rest assured, the stud will be slim, handsome, sexy, and have a lovely long DONG!
Usually cut cocks, but uncut too – depends.
And they’re naturally dominating too.
Why do I want only those that have invested in the courses above?
Well, much like in terms of femdom it shows you are SERIOUS – in this regard, about cock.
Those cocks are too lovely and precious for “just anyone”.
Only serious cock worshippers welcome, and if you’re someone that doesnt want to pay – someone that wont cough up a red cent no matter what – someone here just for the freebies, well, do yourself and me a favor and please leave.
This is high quality stuff, my friend – not for cheapskates.
And thats what I gotta say. Let me know if you have any questions, I’l lbe glad to answer what I can!
Mike Watson
PS – Lovely, this message came through with no line breaks, but people are already swarming to it. Hehe. Ain’t no limits someone will not go to for COCK and feet…!
PS #2 – Copying and pasting from Twitter does that (the no line breaks)- I dont know why, I dont care either. Hehe
PPS – If you’ve got a tiny cock, or otherwise want to be humiliated like NEVER BEFORE in front of the whole world, go here and APPLY. NOW!

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