Why I love calling women Madam

This morning, (or actually yesterday) I received a response from a lady who is doing the translation (Spanish, I believe? There are so many going on right now!) for “16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Femdom Affirmations“.

That is a great, great book by the way – and should be read in conjunction with, NOT in place of (but in addition to) “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese (or ANY) mainland“.

And if you look at the cover for one, you’ll understand just why!

Perfect Madam Andy is on the cover.

And she weaved a spell over me even quicker than Princess Joanie did, and I bought her those shoes, and well, she’s just such a Goddess!

Happily married now, of course, but that one day, those long conversations we had …they were beyond belief!

And one of the affirmations in the book is a “Yes Ma’am” affirmation – but that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about this morning, because this morning I was replying to a message I Received yesterday.

For those that know me, you know I normally respond to everything I get and can within 24 hours, but a computer crash yet again slowed it down a bit.

This morning, I saw it!

“I need more days to complete the book!” was the “terse” message she sent, but thats ok. 

Maybe she didnt know what I’d think!

But it’s all good. I’ve received replies from people saying the translations will be delayed etc and in this “new” world we’re living in now – all OK – so long as you tell me – I’l work with you!

She did.

And I replied.

“Sorry for the late response on this, Madam! Yes, it’s OK – just let me know when done. I look forward to receiving the final translated version!” 

I’m not copying an dpasting – it’s like I was (am) replying to her again.

I wouldn’t say this is a message that screams “femdom”.

Oddly enough, the ones that dont right off the bat attract women MORE than the ones that do!

Especially Bozo Schofields (remember that dude on public welfare or what not in the Uk, Birmingham supposedly?) sending women they dont know inane pestering messages about “being their servants”. Ugh!

But anyway, Madam ..

It’s quaint. It’s old fashioned. Maybe somewhat romantic.

But its a respectful way to address women without being overly dramatic.

Ma’am, is what most say, right?

Why not Madam. Hehe.

Sounds better!

and the way she said seemed like she needed a “pat on the back”, so this was my way of giving to her, and all the ladies I call “Madam” – which is pretty much EVERYONE. Hehe.

Anyway, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – That book of affirmations is a great little read yes, but it won’t work unless you DO what is being told in the book. Get it now, and then “do”.


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