The 2 Goddesses in my dream last night …

Dear Reader,

I’ve been having exceptionally vivid dreams as of late in many regards, and yesterday was NO exception to the rule.

I had so many dreams last night that it filled up over 3 pages of notes this morning (yes, I note down my dreams!) – and I’m wondering if I should get ’em all scanned or what. I mean, I’ve already got three bulky notebooks FILLED up – – and when I first started doing this, I used to write on plain sheets of 8 x 11″ paper – the sort you insert into printers.

Those loose sheafs of paper had to be discarded for practical reasons when (temporarily) moving from China – and as it turned out, although I remember most of what I wrote, it was a decision I’m not too happy with.

And I don’t want the same “fate” to befell these notebooks – that is for SHO!

Anyway – vivid dreams – dreams that seem almost “real” are not really as uncommon as you’d think – especially not if you’re getting in touch with your inner self (a term I use often, and with good reason).

Napoleon Hill, him of “Think and Grow Rich” mentioned these often – and one dream in particular where Abraham Lincoln came to his bedside – and said that the world was going to go through a tumultuous phase soon where Hill’s help (i.e. his philosophies of self help and success) would be required and much in demand.

‘Tis but one of the dreams that Hill states as being SO real that he “was unable to tell the following morning if he had dreamed it – or was actually awake!”

And yes – THAT is the sort of dreams I’ve been having as of late.

Last night, I kept waking up – and kept thinking of “trying to fall asleep” – when in reality, I was already asleep!

And part of this dream (or my “waking state”) – or whatever it was, was two lovely Indian Goddesses at my side, expertly manipulating my nipples, and NOT allowing me any sort of contact with my raging cock.

I slept with a hard on all night – and it goes without saying that my hands did involuntarily “travel down there” – but as regular readers of this list know, I’ve made a pact with myself many years ago not only NOT to masturbate – but also NOT to allow myself any sexual release whatsoever – – and while this does result in a wet dream every so often, it’s well worth it.

Hill wrote about the power of sex transmutation (into activities in daily life) in his book and I can personally testify that it is every bit true.

I state in “A Complete Guide to understanding the dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” (and most of my other manuals) that male sexual energy when channeled and harnessed can accomplish wonders – – and one of these wonders, of course is me “drawing” (or being drawn to) dominant ladies like a moth to a flame without even trying.

Last night, it was the Indian Goddess I met in the park that was beside me, playing with my nipples with her lovely long fingers – fingernails painted a shade of “light silver” if that makes sense.

And while doing this, she was looking directly into my eyes and giggling as if to say “what a nipple slut” he is – – and that lovely oval face was right in front of me, as was the long black hair …

And the OTHER girl I wrote about a while back – her who I “met” in that crowded market was back as well – -constantly teasing my nipples, constantly flicking back and forth, and SLAPPING my hand away as soon as my hand reached my cock!

‘Twas truly a scene straight out of my books, and who am I to say it wasn’t real? Hey – our minds create all realities – present, past and future – and who am I to say that (with the right steps being taken) – this won’t be a future reality for me?

They would often put their soles up in front of my face, giggling away – – much  like I’ve detailed in “Sin City Diaries – Volume #1”. They would constantly flick and tease, flick and tease … and would NOT let me orgasm – – or even come close (though I did on more than one occasion) – – and that is how the night went, and the morning started.

‘Twas indeed an experience, and I’ll be sharing many more such experience with you as they occur – but for now, remember that “15 ways to give him a ruined orgasm and leave him GROVELING for more ” is a power packed little manual that you DO need to grab – right now – if you’re looking to spice up your sex life beyond belief.

Ruined – or non existent orgasms – and the frustration that occurs thereafter (as well as the sheer blast of energy you get afterwards) are something so SEXY that you’ll only know once you’ve experienced it, and it’s something I’d  highly recommend ALL male subs to experience every so often!

And on that note, it’s “sayonara” for now. Seems more “feminine” to say than “adios”, so I said it that way .. 😉


Mike Watson

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