“I am not the Princess. I am the QUEEN, BOY!”

And don’t you ever forget it, she might have added – so dominant was the VIBE, the sheer VIBE!

Her name on wechat?

“Look, ME!”

As she later told me, “I like what you say! I love myself!”

She is so nice!

Anyway, I was sitting out there in the park idly, recuperating from a mammoth workout yesterday.

It was warm and sunny at the time, I was sitting out there doing not a lot, and there it came- the message on target!

My mobile was almost out of battery, luckily it didnt “die!”

It was one of those copy and paste messages a lot of chinese girls send everyone “phishing” to see who responds!

Like Madam Angie, the lovely older wallet rapist for one.

“I sent to everyone, only YOU responded!”

True, Ma’am. Only I’m into such domination by females!


Anyway, I couldnt place this lady, but she replied quickly and confidently, told me her name was May – and the above bit about Princess!

And we started chatting.

Turns out I myself added her a while back, we met on LinkedIn then I forgot about her – but Madam didnt forget about me!

My reply to her?

“Of course, the Queen. And always the boss!” 

Her reply?

? followed by several giggles.

The vibe was strong, the vibe was confident, and so forth … and I kept chatting!

“Madam, men are ALWAYS inferior to women, you know that!” 

She was nonplussed, and didnt know what to say. Hehe.

But …

“I agree your opinion, and I think the same, but I never admit in real life!”

She admits it to me though. Hehe. She KNOWS!

And last, but not least …

“Madam I know you think I’m crazy. Be honest!” I said, blushing. I got that vibe!

Not really. Hehe. But I said it anyway.

A little, she replied.

“That means a lot”, I laughed back.

She giggled in a dominating, Empress Cody sort of manner!

“You know, Chinese man will never say this, so I dont know how to reply kindly to this!”

Kind? I told her, Madam, just be honest, thats all the kindness I want!

And of course, I told her the above bit about women and men. Hehe. In that order!

Anyway … she’s uber nice, uber dominating, so bratty – confident, and only interested in what she CAN GET OUT O ME – and she said as much!

When I mentioned that to her, she didnt beat around the bush.

Of course, boy!

“And only talk to Madam after giving her something”, I finished off.


But why do I bring this up here, given these are like daily occurances for me, attracting femdom and dominating women on auto pilot, willy nilly, almost (and so can You if you follow my tips!) ?

Well, one the name.


Madam, it makes me so much easier to ask you for permission, I giggled at her.

“May I polish your shoes, Madam?” 

“May I cook you dinner?” 

“May I press your legs, Madam?” 

May I buy you a pair of shoes, Madam Ji? 

“Madam, give me your feet, let me kneel in front of them and say thank you so much, it’s my honor!”

This last bit brought UPROARIOUS Laughs from her.

Although one of the notes our conversation started on was “It’s Christmas, hope talking to me can make you laugh” – I have the feeling SHE is guffawing, and so be it. Hehe.

She’s got a great memory though, remembers exactly what I do, where I live etc … Gotta give to MAdam.

Introduced herself as “business women”, which I love!

Thats one reason, the name.

But second?

“Madam, dont you think I’m crazy?”

She doesn’t, but she’s laughing at me anyway, which makes me so happy!

And, reminds of a certain imperious Madam Maggie – Memsahib JI with those lovely ORANGE painted toenails, big broad FEET!

“Send me coffee, boy!” 

“Of course not, I’ll never ever pay, boy!” 


Her reply to the “crazy question”?

“Madam, don’t you think I’m a complete fool, one look at your feet – and I’m ready to do ANYTHING for you?” 

Her reply was prompt.

To the point.



“U are an idiot, crazy for my feet!” 

“Complete fool, I laugh at you more, ha ha ha” 

(all said while I was “helping her pay her rent” ie pay it for Madam!)


She is so NICE!

They all are.

I’m out, and I’ll be back soon!


Mike  Watson

PS – A very merry Xmas eve to all, and remember – pick up the DEFINITIVE guide to attracting femdom to YOU willy nilly right NOW.

PS #2 – For more humiliation and Brazen findom from lovely chinese women, check out Sin City Diaries – and Submissive Musings in mainland China. you will love ’em!

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