Born to suck, sissy, and why you should leave kiss marks ALL over his body, not just …

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Born to suck, sissy, and why you should leave kiss marks ALL over his body, not just …

Spicy Erotic
Ma’am, his chest is so manly, his nipples so NICE, such a hairy chest, Ma’am, the pubes are so manly too!
Ma’am, the long dong , Ma’am, and his slim waist. So want to kiss his whole BODY, Ma’am!
And press his feet as he relaxes comfortably after sex, just like I’ve depicted in Garima Madam’s bitch, his long soles STARNG at me, her beautiful pedicured soles intertwined, that lovely long dong resting, the HEAD staring at me, the pee hole so inviting ………………….
Hie pee hole speaks volumes…….

Not just his dick, balls and ass boy!

I’ll never forget the one time I kissed Madam Carol, and left a passionate hickey on her neck.

Ditto for my SO … (of course, only kissing I do now is her ass. HA!).

And in both cases it was so obvious that everyone would know – and that they covered up best they could – but loved.

All women love real men, sissy boy!

But sissies, with red lips – I know you just want to suck cock, lick ass, worship his asshole, lick his balls, feel his pubes in your nose as your hands flick his nipples to give him max pleasure while one hand strokes his God like P spot and more …

I know!

She knows!

And WE KNOW, boy.

But the point is this – you should kiss his whole body.

Erotic, hot kisses by a woman on a real man …

It feels great, and the girls I wrote about in Sin City Diaries did it to me too.

Including rubbing up against me in a most sexy style in the showers!

Of course, that was all before they knew I was a sissy after which they looted me and my money  – humiliate dme like nothing else, and talked about how they wished I was a real man – yes, sex workers in China said this!

The pinnacle of humiliation, of course was what Princess Joanie did!

MAN, those FEET!

The public humiliation!

The FINDOM! I had to BREATHE for two seconds after I linked her name above!

But either way, those kisses feel GREAT on a man.

Give him hickeys.

Both his women and you can!

Kiss the women too!

But of course, with the whole body, sissy focus should be always cock, balls, nipples and asshole to give him the most exquisite pleasure ever.

Men are SO sexy, the ones with flat sexy stomachs that make dicks look bigger!

Not your dicklet, sissy .Hehe.

YOU – with those lovely red succulent lips were born to suck.

And yo uknow it.

I do too!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, Ass Worship 101 is a MUST grab for all sissies and faggots reading this!

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