Thoughts truly ARE things!

Dear Reader,

Last November or so, I was reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – – a timeless classic I’ve read so many times over that the book’s contents are probably imprinted in my mind by now.

I love Hill’s work – and am an ardent follower of his style in my writings (both fetish wise and in my OTHER writing ventures) – in fact, we appear to share the same “brutally direct” uncanny style of “getting straight to the point” and really “zeroing in not just on the facts but the emotions behind the facts – that LED to the facts!”

Sound confusing?

Well, I’ll explain.

As you go through this though, remember a Hill quote – – Thoughts truly ARE things.

Claude Bristol wrote a great little book “The Magic of Believing“, and in it he mentions the following – –

See yourself actually doing the things you visualize, and it will all work out, because sooner or later every thought materializes after its kind. 

Now, back to last November.

It was around 1 A.M. in the morning, and I was restless. I was thinking of a few new products to create, but my mind wasn’t on it, and what was uppermost in my mind was a LADY.

A Chinese lady … a truly dominant Chinese belle … from the mainland at that, and idly, I turned to my Wechat contact list to use the “look around” feature.

Those familiar with my writings know how I’ve visualized and ended up meeting people “seemingly out of the blue” on Wechat … and I’ve written about the occurrences thereafter. If there’s ever a better testament to the power of visualization and the wonders it can magically create, its right THERE! 

And I was adding ladies idly, looking at their profile pictures, but not really hoping I’d find the “right one”.

One of these pictures stood out to me though.

A cute little Chinese girl (face) with “cat whiskers and ears” painted on her face (that’s apparently a popular thing to do in China; they have some app wherein the girls take pictures of themselves and then use the app to paint on “whiskers” as it were).

No idea why this sort of thing is popular, but popular it is, and it’s kinda cute in an infantile way in my opinion if you look at it but that’s not the point, of course.

No, this ONE picture stood out, and upon viewing her “moments” (similar to a Facebook wall in many regards) many other things stood out as well.

But first things first. The profile picture was what stood out, and it screamed several things out LOUD.

“Goregous!” “Dominant!” “Young and lovely!” “Unattainable!” And so forth …

Mind you, I’m no “slouch” myself in the “overall appearance” department, and I’m not referring to my looks either which I didn’t do much to earn.

I’m referring to my overall fitness levels and general “vibe” that I project that I DID do a LOT to earn, and all that combined together with the “moth to flame” part I’ve mentioned earlier has probably contributed to the wide variety of lovely, dominant Chinese ladies that I’ve been fortunate to have had experiences with.

And so it may seem strange that the “unattainable” part popped up in my mind, but it was the eyes that did it, my friend.

At the end of the day it’s the look in the eye that really does it, and I’ve referred to this so many times throughout my numerous narratives that I might well find inscribed on my tombstone when I die.

Though the lady seemed young and though she was most definitely sexy as heck, what really stood out were the EYES.

Firm, piercing eyes that belied the outward age and somehow “pierced” through the smart phone screen, searing their dominant vibe into the very core of my being.

Knowing eyes that stared oh-so-directly into the camera (at me) and made me feel like she knew every little “embarrassing detail” there was to know about me, and if the look in the eyes wasn’t enough, the photos on her moments were.

Plenty of photos of her enjoying herself in various locations. Beaches, spas, shopping malls, you name it, and the Princess was there with a smile on her lovely face, and showing her long, lissom legs off to max effect wherever possible – and of course, her feet, shoes and soles as well!

It was as if she knew exactly what I wanted without having a conscious inkling of “who” the strange foreigner was that was literally smitten the first time he took a look at her online.

But smitten though I was, I didn’t add her. I figured she’d have a long list of waiting men just dying to worship or otherwise “serenade” her, and I figured it would be an exercise in futility.

But as my index finger scrolled down the list of potential female matches (and believe me there were plenty, even at that ‘ungodly hour’), it kept scrolling back up to this one girl’s picture, as if the finger had a life of it’s own.

It was like she was calling, nay, beckoning me from afar, and the eyes literally “bored” into my very being as I sent her a “friend request”, not expecting to hear back (which happens a lot of times with these girls).

I added her … and the rest, well, as they say is HISTORY. Not only did I end up buying her a dress … I’ve even started a book about her “Princess Joanie” – and though that’s not even halfway done as of now, you’ll love that latest collection to the “Chinese femdom” category of Watson’s writings!

And lest you think that is “coincidence”, think again. 

I don’t believe in the word coincidence anyway – it all happens for a reason!

Those familiar with my writings are well aware of my penchant for financial domination (findom, as they call it) – – as well as my penchant for worshipping a lady – – at her FEET – like she were a true Goddess (which she is!).

Well, I’ve written about how I met Madam Pearl – – who I not only bought a dress for, but also did her shopping – – all while she ordered me to do it on the phone – – all BEFORE she even met me and before I had the privilege of dropping to my knees and kissing those lovely toes!

You can read all about that story, and how she literally turned me into her “pay pig” within days of meeting her … and how I was literally “lapping it all up” right here – –

(That above newsletter is a MUST read if you’re into findom, by the way!)

Think even THAT is “just something that  happened?”

Well, how about this – me massaging my (then) girlfriend Carol’s feet while on vacation (in China) as she slept comfortably – before telling me WHICH foot to massage more, and how to do it with lotion “because she loved it”?

How about the fact I can still remember her snores as she slept – and I kept massaging, the darkness all around me, my knees hurting somewhere far away in the distance, a gigantic UNFULFILLED hard on – and her lovely soles staring me in the face?

These were ALL things I had thought of with deep emotion repeatedly in the past – and they all materialized without me making the SLIGHTEST effort (other than the bare minimum of “adding” on wechat etc) that I did to MAKE them happen!

Wonderous indeed are the ways of the subconscious, my friend. We pick up and transmit vibrations all the time, and if it’s something you really, really want – it’ll happen!

So if you’ve got secret thoughts of worshipping your dream Lady – – or sucking cock like the slut you were meant to be – – or dressing up as a maid in pink frilly attire – – well, as they say, be careful what you wish for – you just might get it – – and in this case, you’ll ENJOY it too!

“Think” about what I just told you above – I guarantee it has the potential to change your life for the BETTER! 


Mike Watson

P.S. – After visualizing what you want, in this case the dominant lady of your dreams, you follow it up with INSPIRED action – and I’ve got the “how to” covered right here – –

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