Being a cuckold for Su Mam was so nice, so much FUN … !

Ma’am you’re really so nice – she really is – was!

Often times, and this was common, I’d be pressing Su’s legs dutifully at night after she came home. (this was before Jerome, him of the hose like cock who’d come to her place – her others lovers would too, but at that moment, we had “just started living together” – and she wasn’t entirely that comfortable with cuckolding me AT HOME – though she still did it!).

As she told me … sometimes a bit doubtfully, given my “real man” personal outside!

“What will you do if I bring lovers home!”

Now, that was a good question!

The fantasy is one thing, but the reality is quite ANOTHER – as I keep saying in Cuck Central.

And hence, the tips for HER to work into it.

Remember, if she’s not comfortable with it, she may or may not do it, but it’ll never go anywhere.

Get HER comfortable with it, cuck, and you open the door to a lifelong relationship of cocks, cuckoldry, steaming hot and SMOULDERING man juice coming out of her pussy – the HUMILIATION, which makes it SO WORTH IT – and more!

Thats the key, getting HER comfortable with it!

Anyway, on the note of comfortable…

Ma’am would lie there, comfortably, foot pressing into the base of my cock – her feet on my lap, in various positions, often on her stomach, so NICE, I could press the soles , long soles, forever!

Then I’d notice it!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY!

That “white ooze”- THICK ooze -from her pussy – often her ass too!

LEt me tell you, there is nothing sexier than white ooze of that nature, combined with Ma’am’s heat (and Su was one of those girls for whom it was never ever enough!) coming out of her pussy – and ass at one time!

that line , that smell. I dont know, a woman’s pussy just smells different with another man’s dong just having been in it!

“Ma’am, did you have another lover”, I’d ask, knowing the answer, pressing her legs, as my heart beat so FURIOUSLY!

She’d stare at me, the million dollar dominant, defiant gaze, which said “yes, what will yOU do about it, BOY!” so clearly, better than words ever could, and when she said YES! – she’d dig her foot in unconsciously even more!

I’d press her soles even more assidously  – you know, pull the toes, squeeze the arch THAT much more – to make her relax, as if to say thank you without saying it, and be more of a servant for her anyway –  either consciously or not, as another hot wave of lust shot through me, and my devotion to her jackknifed to new levels every time she said it!

The words, the WAY she said YES!

She knew it too!

And she for her part would smile smugly, and relax further – as if to ENSHRINE her dominance over me even more!

Then I’d do something – one of the few things I rarely asked her for permission for!

She loved it too.

I’d just dive in and start LICKING.

Shed moan and turn over to be serviced – much like a man would for a blowjob, legs spread, completely relaxed.

Remember, Su was great herself at giving blowjobs.

And the way she’d wag her tongue at me sometimes – oh my!

“I dont need to suck YOUR dick, boy!” 

And she rarely did … but she’d tongue me kiss SO, just like Madam Aa Ling would …!!!


Especially with the smell of her lover’s cock on her mouth and lips, so, so nice!

“Ma’am, thank you SO MUCH!” I’d say before diving in. 

And I’d thank her all the time. 

“Ma’am, thank you so much for allowing me to wear the skirt in the family!” I’d often text her at work.

She’d giggle back.

In a dominating way, and often, she’d say …

in Chinese…

“You’re truly so pathetic!”

Then she’d follow up with orders, sending me a screenshot of her work to say “no talk, boy, I’m busy!”

“I’ve left plenty of laundry for you to do, boy! Get to it!” 

And I would.

I’d smell her panties, hoping to get a whiff of HER – and her lover, and I was rarely disappointed.

Su was one of those ladies for whom it was never enough – so it should be!

And she was one of the finest connesiurs of cocks there ever was!

Thick cock – her first lover had, she’d keeping tell me. Not long, but thick – and she was right – thick is what pleasures women more, which is what counts, not the guys like cuckolds out there salivating over long dongs in porn!

Anyway ……….

The humiliation, the words, all so worth it.

I was SO priveleged for my time with Su, she’s a great, great lady!

And if this turned you on – it probably DID – cuck – then you’ll want to pick up the steaming HOT Cuckold Compilations book NOW.

Remember, plenty of others players show up in that book too, but Su is by far the main one – and her lovers!

Kendrick, and his LOONNNNNNNNNG black cock, and Mike Watson being outed by Cherry – that one does too!

Goa, his dong. So nice!

Ms Chen and her friend, of course, the nicest. You will love that story too!

Get this book now – and some of our others.



Mike Watson

“best for the best!”

PS – I’d often ask Su, and I forgot to put this in initially, much like I forget to put my own dick – admittedly thick and large into pussies, hehe – …

“Ma’am, I’m truly a cuckold, isnt it?”

The response was always instantaneous, even on the first day!


“Of course!” 

She’s so, so, NICE!

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