Asking Angel to pass my regards to Peter, and more … !

On a non fetish note, business wise, I’ve been busy as a bee!

And on another venture I do, I was talking to my server guys – a great, great guy named PETER!

He’s helped me a LOT in the past, he’s the best – indeed!

And a lady named Angel I’ve often communicated with, quite helpful too!

And as they helped me again, I thanked them profusely. Good service is hard to come by these days, and these guys are indeed the best at what they do (I have not been shy about saying it either!)

But, I kept asking them – their team – to pass my regards to Peter.

And then it hit me.


I’ve written about this in the Sequels to serving an INdian Goddess, I’ve said it so many times, you cannot escape thy destiny, no matter how hard you try i.e what yo REALLY want, without even knowing /thinking about it!

You cannot. Master Wang for one is proof of this!

And if you guys – I KNOW, from the responses I’m getting – you guys are for one SALIVATING at the mere sight of his lovely hairy GENITALS want the chance to worship him – you know what to do – I’ve said it so many times already!

But Angel …

I once knew a bar girl named Angel. Hehe. With big tits.

Yet, my gaze was always drawn to her feet – even as Madam flirted with all the men in the bar. She would have flirted with me too,  but as Sophia said …

“I treat you like shit!” 

BEcause you let me DO IT, boy!

SO TRUE Ma’am!

Same for Angel.

Then another lovely Angel I kept taking out for long dinners, spending money on her, listening to her complaints about other men and such …


(I dont do this all the time, granted! In fact, as you can see in the premier book on attracting femdom to you, women have usually WANTED and MADE ME ACCEPT their money – and paid for me – but, sometimes I’m the true cuck and sissy I really am!)

And it just struck me.

After what I wrote about my ex in the last email, it’s true!

Maybe I’ll ask her, the angelic Anne to pass my regards to magnificent Master Wang’s dong, and him …

It’s just stupendous and nigh magnificent, I’ll tell you!

SO PROASIC, life does come full circle, I’m so happy!

I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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