Princess never needs to apologize!!

So, I was talking to Princess Tina today – after a LONG break, or what seems like it, hehe.

We haven’t been physically together for reasons out of our control, and while I’ve been “reporting” back to her (as I should?), for whatever reason, Madam hasn’t been replying.

As is her wont – and right, of course. Haha.

This did NOT bother me initially – she is often like this, but as the delay grew lengthier, I got a little worried, due to obvious reasons.

And today as I finally heard back from here, she apologized – – and that too profusely. But …

“Madam, are you angry at me? Such a long time, and you didn’t reply to anything …”

“No!” she replied. “I’m not mad at you , and you’re not making me mad either right now!”

“Why do you think that …” she asked, and I repeated myself.

“I’m sorry I left you out in the cold. I really apologize”, was her response (and now remember, all this is being translated. Not only is her English non existent – my Chinese, as you guys – and gals! – know is pretty much very rudimentary as well, and without translation software I for one would be LOST).

“Princess never needs to apologize”, I said immediately, and I meant it. After all, she was probably in a bad mood – – or something – or something probably happened.

And even if it didn’t – – any time she apologizes … I feel strange – unless it’s for a darn good reason, hehe.

And it’s true, my friend – a cardinal rule of TRUE femdom is she never needs to apologize no matter WHAT – but you do, anyway, even if it’s her fault,if you get my drift! ?

And as I did exactly that, she replied.

“No, it’s my fault!”

“Well, maybe for not dominating me”, I said, with a slight giggle. “But other than that … Madam … “

She giggled back.

“You’re right, boy!” And with that, she was off to have dinner … and she did NOT tell me why she never replied to me for the past week or so.

She never needs to answer any questions – – but YOU DO, as I’ve said before, as a true male submissive – – and if this, my friend – sounds like MANNA from submissive heaven to YOU – – well then guess what – – my book on attracting the dominant lady of your dreams will be icing on the cake, but perhaps the entire cake itself as well, hehe.

Attracting dominant ladies to you EFFORTLESSLY is what this little book is about – – it is receiving RAVE reviews – – go right here to claim YOUR copy – –

Alright, my friend. It’s ciao for now – and I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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