Money BOY! So said Pooja memsahib … JI!!!!!

My SO has been saying something for a while!

Or maybe she has, hehe.

Pooja Madam, Pooja Memsahib.

She calls her the first (in jest). These ladies call each other that, but what they really think?

Well, you wouldn’t want to print it here!

But it IS printed here in the Pooja Memsahib…JI! series!


In very graphic detail!

But back to findom, seemingly the overriding theme for the day.

And its probably whats making me so happy right about now

PAye Lagu, Madam!

My SO just asked me about a new phone too, which I have NO DOUBT I’ll buy for her (or … haha).

But, findom is one thing.

The way in which Princess Joanie did it?


That entire story in the book above! WHAT A RUSH! WHAT A QUEEN!

And Madam PEarl? 

“Honey, is this how lovers treat each other”

“Madam, YES!” 

“Buy me a short red dress, boy, so I’ll go out to dinner with HIM!” 

And she did. In that dress. And she sent me a pic. In the book above. 


And Pooja Memsahib!

These three ladies, my friend, took findom to a whole different level!

“50 Rupaye DE!” 

(My hands BE shakin as I write this!!)

Thats not what Madam Ji said.

50 rupees doesnt even buy anything in India Hehe. Not that I know of. Probably even 5000 doesn’t, so devalued is the currency there!

But she asked for it anyway, hehe.

YEs, she did.

She’s a Goddess. Don’t take her money … BOY!

And as I remember her FEET, her petite soles, her VOICE, her WHACK to the side of my FACE, a nd then the back of her head, and her PINK slippers, and her CALVES as she sleeps in the park, I wish I could press ’em now.

PAYE LAGU, Pooja Memsahib … JI!


And the middle finger!

Mike Watson

PS – Remember, the Submissive Musings compilation is all about femdom, including PRincess Sherry, possibly another who is the best at it!

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